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22 Dec 2015:
Camera tracking and pathing in Blender explained
Back to our regular programming.

I had fun setting a path for the camera to follow in this animation. But I was annoyed that the camera tracked the centre of the block instead of focusing on each end.

To fix that I created and Empty and set a tracking constraint on it. The Empty does not render so I created a UV Sphere withe Wire-Frame modifier to as a stand in. I can set the Empty to then animate anywhere I want the camera to look.

The camera path is just a bezier circle to be the camera track and set it as the camera's parent. This does not render with no depth so I extruded it and created a tapered cube to show where the camera was.

Note the camera stops moving on the track at 100 frames. This is the default frame end in the constraint and can be altered as needed.

22 Dec 2015:
Soccer physics review done by two hyper kids
And now for something completely different! My kids trying to do a review of a Kindle app Soccer Physics.

22 Dec 2015:
Artistic play in blender for waves
This was a while ago but I only just uploaded it.

I was waiting at a swimming pool and found myself staring at the waves and how they distorted the black lines on the bottom of the pool.

Wondering how quickly I could create (non-animated) that in blender No idea how long it took, not long, but was lots of fun.

The main node texture for the block is a chain of "Noise"(color)->(color)"Bright/Contrast"(color)->(height)"Bump"(normal)->(color+normal)"Glass BSDF"(BSDF)->"Material output"

There will be a follow up post about the camera following a path.

13 Dec 2015:
Sarahs leg takes a break
The following is very simplified version of why I have not blogged recently, it is for me, not you, enjoy!

Well Sarah fell down the stairs and ended up with a fracture, a break and a dislocation. to fix it she had surgery that included two screws a plate and 25 staples.

It was on Thursday the 12th November 2015. I had picked up the boys from their schools, we were outside and it was cold. I could not open or unlock the back door, Sarah had left her key in the door after locking it (again). I rang her mobile and it was engaged. Great, she was upstairs working and we were outside freezing. I called the land line and after a few moments hung up and tried again and again. Normally we just pound on the door and shout through the cat flap.

Just as we opened the cat flap, we heard a commotion. A shout, a cry and then odd laughing. It quickly becomes apparent that the laughing was cries of pain. As I try to talk to her, I realise she really can not move and I suggest breaking the front door. She tells me not to between sobs but there is no alternative.

I unlock the front door and then break the sliding bolt to find her sprawled at the bottom of the stairs still crying in pain.

Ring 999 and ask for ambulance.

Ten mins later no sign of anyone, Sarah is still making a lot of noise and the kids are now very upset. I take them next door and ask the neighbours to look after them.

Its 20 minutes since the 999 call, Sarah is demanding I call again. Reluctantly I do so and they go through all the same questions and can not tell when the ambulance will get there.

I am hoping about in and out of the house in hope of hearing a siren, they keep coming in the distance but never seem to get any closer.

30 minutes from first 999 call and a siren is getting louder but it still takes ages before we see the blue lights reflecting off distant houses.

I run out to flag them down.

30 minutes with the ambulance crew and they have to call for a doctor to give a specific injection.

Another 30 minutes and the doctor has arrived given the injection and they are trying to get her moved. She breaks the inflatable lift that the crew said could not be broken.

Slowly we get in to the ambulance and we all go to the hospital arriving just over an 1 hour and half from the original call.

Time seems to slow down and the following happens between the 20:00 arrival and 00:00 when I leave her in the ward.

moved into "Owl and the pussy cat" room, paediatrics/orthopedics (kids/broken bones)

x-ray shows fracture, break and dislocation.

E.R. staff manually traction foot and the set it in a cast. Get plaster all over my coat.

Fun with gas&air and the bed pan.

Told to expect surgery in next few days.

Surgery completed and home after five nights, one metal plate, two screws and 25 staples.

Orthopedics/out patients never got a referral from the ward so waited patiently for staples to be taken out and cast to be redone... Had to ring, only to find all junior Dr.s on strike.

The next few weeks a complete blur with parents and parents-in-law helping out, working from home and Sarah living downstairs.

Now she can get upstairs but it takes a while.

Cast due to be taken off and physio to start 29th December.
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