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18 Dec 2021:
gentoo supplicant transplant
I knew I was going to have to switch my Desktop from Ethernet to Wifi, so I made sure the kernel was updated for Wifi and I had the Wifi card ID'd with correct drivers/firmware.

But... time was against me. I ended up finding an Ethernet cable I could directly connect to the Wifi box. Problem being I never got the start to finish process getting Wifi on Gentoo Linux working.

Fast forward a week and I have no choice. My only option is to try surfing for tutorials on Gentoo Wifi on my phone while typing commands on a keyboard on the floor. Bottom line? I had set up the kernel correctly for my card, but I had no Wifi Linux tools installed.

So... I ran the emerge command to install wpa_supplicant and noted all the errors with package URLs

emerge -fpav wpa_supplicant

(f=fetch, p=pretend, a=ask, v=verbose)

Then I used wget to download the files (including all dependencies) in Windows WSL(1)

Copied the tarballs to /var/cache/distfiles/

chown portage:portage /var/cache/distfiles/wpa_supplicant-2.9*
change ownership to portage

did a normal emerge and it happily installed from the new local files!

emerge -av wpa_supplicant

created a wpa passphrase file
wpa_passphrase "My SSID" > /etc/wpa.conf
chmod -v 600 /etc/wpa.conf

then just ran the incredibly simple command (sarcasm)
wpa_supplicant -Dnl80211,wext -iwlp5s0 -c/etc/wpa.conf -B

restarted dhcpcd
rc-service dhcpcd restart

and I could finally get my email!

(Wifi was from my Pixel Hot-spot with no idea how much data was left!)

Then... well, stay tuned for more
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