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23 Jan 2009 22:01
Zubuntu ... the story so far...
Specific to the Zaurus CL 860 (boxer)
install zubuntu as per cortez's instructions
if when booting the file system is checked due to the date stamps being in the future and then reboots in a loop run tune2fs -i0 -c0 /dev/sdb1
when sdb1 is your linux partition, this will stop the fsck checks for either interval or count.
nano /etc/passwd
and change dhcp from 103:103 to 0:0 (where 103:103 could be any value) this allows dhclient to work.
nano ~/.xinitrc
and remove the "xrandr -o right" this will ensure the screen is in landscape in X.
nano ~/.profile and change TSLIB_TSDEVICE from event2 to event1
then run ts_calibrate
then and only then can you startx
05 Jan 2009 21:54
I was contemplating donating my zaurus 860 to the LUG when all of a sudden I came across zubuntu the answer to my dreams or another blip on the radar ?
Only time will tell, Angstrom only ever had passing support for the 860, very long dev times and missing packages.
05 Jan 2009 21:36
From 23/10 - 23/12 I walked at least 415672 steps, equating to around 207.8 miles
Pity the rest of my team did not get into the spirit of the challenge and the four man team DEVELOPERSDEVELOPERSDEVELOPERSDEVELOPERS managed just under 500 miles in total :(
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