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03 Feb 2009 14:54
Google responds
02 Feb 2009 22:18
I wanted to see if the pay4foss.org spam was causing an issue I searched for pay for foss.
pay4foss.org cam up as the number one result but had a link underneath stating that "this website may harm your computer" :(
So I clicked the link to find out more about the issue only to find the page was busy try again in 30 seconds, tried again, and again, same issue ...
Tried searching for google in google and OH! all the google links google maps/news/video etc all had the same harm message !!
Less than an hour later it was all back to normal...
All hail google !
02 Feb 2009 21:34
I have not updated pay4foss.org for years, so I was surprised to see one bit of forum spam before xmas and then a couple a week at the beginning of January followed by one a day and then 200 in a week!
All following the pattern of a youtube link with randomly generated text.
Early on I created a bash script that would delete the spam for me, that was fine for a couple a week, but now I have had to turn on moderation :(
Thank you spammers.
02 Feb 2009 21:24
zubuntu comes with firefox, but I had not been able to get it to work, just ran an ran but never loaded even the google and mozilla pages.
Turns out all I needed was a swap filedd if=/dev/zero of=/.swap bs=1024 count=128000
(sl86 has 64MB ram so 128 is double it)
mkswap /.swap
swapon /.swap

Job done, full FF3 on the meager zaurus !!
02 Feb 2009 21:18
How about this for the greatest scam of the year; Buy any (labeled) Nestle cereals and get a code for one of twelve family movies for one pound INCLUDING postage and packaging.
I was dubious, but Spiderman 3 came within a week and was the same version (2 disk all the extras etc) I seen elsewhere for over a tenner!
The film was thoroughly enjoyable, but I do hope they do not try and milk the franchise for a forth feature !
I then got Hoodwinked and Surfs Up, so thats a total of three pounds for 3 DVDs worth ten times that MINIMUM!
Hoodwinked is an animated movie spoofing up Little Red Riding-hood. I found it very hard going first viewing due to the out of date and in some places poor 3D modeling and animation.
But the film is not bad, I have had to watch it over 20 times and still laugh at some of the gags!
(not seen Surfs Up yet)
Does mean I have a box of honey shreddies due it being the cheapest box offering the deal.
02 Feb 2009 21:16
I did get Futurama "Benders game" for Christmas (it was less than 40 days ago).
This is return to comic form after my lam-blasting of the last outing.
Fun and silliness from the outset make this a very enjoyable journey, even though I have never turned my hand to D&D (shock/horror).
One thing to note is that the DVD commentary was weak, which meant the questions that came up when watching the feature were never answered :(
I can not wait for the next one "Into the wild green yonder" due out 24th of Feb (UK).
02 Feb 2009 21:15
ge to play in the snow with kids == good
do not get paid for a day != good
Still time to catch up with some blogflogging
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