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17 Jun 2008 19:50
I was going to write about how good silverlight was an how I was having fun using it, but it appears the latest release 2 beta2 breaks 2 Beta 1 code, like mine http://www.pay4foss.org/jumpstation/silverlight/
10 Jun 2008 19:33
I was saddened to lose three friends, having known them for 10-12 years I had forgotten them in recent times. Unfortunately they were now obsolete and although I relished the good old days there was no room (literally) for them in my life.
First casualty was The VRML Source book - from which I created VRML lego and the first dynamic VRML via JavaScript.
then there was my well worn and trusty (huge) JavaScript book which I had used so much it was falling apart.
Finally the only book that I ever contacted the publishers to congratulate them on such a well designed book 1001 Java Programmer's Tips.
When I was learning Java back in the day I had plenty of the "learn Java" dry books that taught "if" and "switch" statements but I already knew how to code in Java because of my C and JavaScript background. 1001 tips showed me just what I need to know to use each function in a manor that 100's of web sites do today for code snippets.
Goodbye and thanks for all the code :)
10 Jun 2008 19:21
I have had a WHSmith's card for over 5 years and every time I make sure it is swiped every time I am in there but I have never had a statement of the points I have built up what I could do with them.
So I was surprised to find one shop telling me that although the card balance was listed as 0 I had credit of £5, I was in a hurry so ignored this until I had something further to buy ...
So after 5+ years of buying DVDs CDs and all manor of other things from WHSmith I have a grand total of ... £3.83 :(
Well at least I will have more room in my wallet.
03 Jun 2008 22:36
So does this mean I like silverlight? well, lets just say I now have the hang of it and I a well aware of it current limitations.
I think silverlight will succeed especially when the mono project produce a tried and tested multi platform plug-in for all browsers.
03 Jun 2008 19:46
After the warm reception my IDOUDO (a simple simon game with sound [2 beta 1]) got over at silverlight.net I decided to release my two other silverlight projects (with source code).
First up is mousetrails which creates fading shaded 'balls' dynamically, very simple but fun to watch.
Then there is the twitternice a twitter message data visualiser, with lots and LOTS of dynamic animation making looking at twitter feeds more interesting ;)
screen shot
Whats clever about twitternice is that if a proxy web service is available (included in source) then the messages used are 'live' but if not then ten static xml files are used instead (these were capture from the 'live' twitter feed but have been anonymised).
I wonder how long before Mono moonlight release a 2 Beta 1 plugin for Firefox for Linux ?
03 Jun 2008 19:44
Check out the Big Buck Bunny blender open movie here WOW!!
Not only is every single individual frame available but all the objects, textures, rigging setups, sounds and soon a DVD image!
This follows on from the blender open movie elephants dream which although technically impressive elephants dream was rather abstract and non-mainstream i.e. not produced by Hollywood. Big Buck Bunny on the other hand is very pixar-like and easily consumed by average viewers being bright colourful and funny. Its worth pointing out that the peach team created custom tools to aid in the films production (as with elephants dream) and these changes will make there way back into the main blender application to benefit of all users.
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