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06 Jun 2012 22:40
Speaking of spam I have started to get spammy emails sent to an email address I created back in 2003-4 I signed up to a little known social web service to stay in contact with someone I meet on the commute to work.
To be fair I did use it a few years ago when I need contacts for contract work, but now I do not use it at all.
On Saturday the 2nd of June I tweeted #linkedin asking if they had been hacked, as the email address was unique to linkedin and linkedin does not give email address out if facilitates inter user communication keeping the addresses hidden.
No reply and today I find they were hacked, 6.5 million password hashes released and many many people confirming their legitimacy.
Time to close my linkedin account ....?
06 Jun 2012 22:26
t has been said that increasing the cost to send spam would decrease its profitability, hopefully to zero, so I was very surprised to receive a physical spam.
An A4 letter sent with a 2nd class stamp that appeared to be exactly as an email would be printed.
Headed up as From The desk of Hiroshi Tamiko
followed by a +81 phone number and a yahoo.co.jp email address, it detailed the classic story...
"keep confidential"
"money to transfer"
"looking for your help"
"will split money 50/50"
"trust me"
"you are the only one I am contacting"
"act swiftly"
I want to get it framed or at the very least incorporated into some kind of art project. :)
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