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23 Feb 2003 22:05 -- seti : 2261 -- folding : 1034.29
Finished Michael Crichton Prey, starts off well gets better, typical "can not but down" novel but then about half way through it gets a little flaky, then it goes to pieces then at the end gets better but in the end it comes out a s just and "OK" book, pity really.
Still doing stuff to the new house, finally finished putting the loft boards up so we can store some of our junk.
Found my "No Fear" license plate so that has gone above my office door and a "Disaster Area" sign has gone up on a rafter in the loft ;)
While unpacking i keep finding cool stuff i put away years ago, like my plasma ball (with snakes head), my old strobe light(unfortunately deceased), numerous pears of cheap sun glasses, really old CD singles and much much more.
After three attempts my "Ghost in the Shell" prints are up on the wall, because they are so big it is impractical to get them into frames or glass, so I attache cardboard to the tops and bottoms of them both and the cellotaped picture wire. But this gave up after 24 hours, so I tried more cellotaped and parcel tape, but they only lasted 48 hours, so I attached small rings to the ends to the picture wire and tried again, 72 hours :( In the end I used wire ties to secure the rings on the picture wire to the cardboard, well they are up at the moment ;)
Please note; my Urusei Yatsura collection is not for sale, please try MVM online or the big forbidden planet in London, and yes my collection includes all the PAL videos ever released (to my knowledge).

20 Feb 2003 22:41 -- seti : 2243 -- folding : 1034.29
got the Universal VGA box today so I can now play again the Mario !
I got it from http://www.videogamecompany.com and apart from not getting an order confirmation i was very please with their service.
The box it self has the major draw back of needing a power supply but that is because it is quite complex, a VGA out (obviously), with Composite/S-Video/VGA in and three sets of stereo inputs which makes the phone out look a bit odd, but it means you can switch audio sauces as you change video inputs.
I tried Mario and although the image is not amazing (i do not trust my old monitor) the colors are very rich and the detail is easy to see, if anything the colors are to strong and my monitor has no control over them.
I have been putting some more time into the new house presentation GFX but still no code, need to finish the ducks !

19 Feb 2003 16:42 -- seti : -- folding : 1034.29
bloody www.hotmail.com purged my account (again) for 30 days non use, i never use it for much but i always keep stuff in there and it is a pain trying to get it back, i might resurrect my MSNwrench VB project and just get it to login for me once a week (was a password cracker but not a very useful one)
the only way to transfer files on the revo/revol now is via a slip server in Linux, time to dust of the ol' Linux books once more, i love a challenge.
I am finding spam more of a problem now i do not have the luxury of broadband, oh woe is me and PitPony ;)
Had the day off again today, felt sooo tired and then ill, still managed to do some kick ass javascript for work, which in turn made me feel a bit better.
Story time: bought a expensive DVD player cheap off the auction channel, had major problems getting it delivered, but it finally arrived and seemed to work very well (region free). When I first ordered this i found that it only played VCDs with an upgrade, so i downloaded that and followed the instructions and now the damn thing will not turn on, and because it was an auction I can not get a replacement and will just get a refund :(
Joke is I was told that the upgrade file had been pulled from the website this week (if only i had waited until i got it), but then i would have wanted my money back as i bought it to play VCDs, can't win :(

17 Feb 2003 21:49 -- seti : 2190 -- folding : 1014.59
Got revol up and running on my Psion looks sweet, instead of running the Psion Jotter program I type vi jotter.txt ;)
I downloaded the win32 program Dorgem from http://dorgem.sourceforge.net to find my crappy camera is so old it does not even have basic functions to allow another system to use it :(
If you know me you will have probably seen the "Our House" demo web page i did in funky javascript for the old house (had images/time lines/commentary the works) well as soon as i get the new one up and running that will be wiped from the face of the internet. This time i am going with a java interface that allows more flexibility and also simplicity, to many people had problems understanding my "intuitive" front end.
I have been ill the last week or so which is why i have not been updating the website.
Office is mostly sorted out and i have ordered a universal VGA adaptor that should work with the gamecube, i will let you know how i get on.

12 Feb 2003 12:56 -- seti : 2190 -- folding : 1014.59
Well we moved and I have setup the computer and the phone line,<cry> I want my broooadbaaannd !<cry>
Surprising things went quite well, not 100% perfect but what can I say, we are in !
my new office is massive and it will take me a while to set everything up.
Sarah has given me her old Psion Revo and as soon as we find the transfer software I will upload Linux / REVOL ;)
Just a quick note to all the major console and console accessories manufactures out there, I am not the only one who needs a VGA adaptor for the Game Cube !
And anyway I am looking at buy a TV for the same price as importing a NTSC/PAL VGA adaptor which notes it is not compatible with European models !!

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