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29 Mar 2007 21:21
I uploaded my cv to monster.co.uk yesterday and I have non stop calls all day today.
After two years of rolling contracts working on various projects its is finally time to move on, well in a couple of weeks.
27 Mar 2007 20:24
Have you seen the 8086 emulator in a Java applet ?
http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/03/24/1840256 it runs FreeDos and you can play games in it !
I tried format c: /Y and got a blank hard drive, refreshing did not bring it back, I had to exit FireFox and restart it !
I have seen Java applet spectrum emulators before but 8086 is a real achievement.
27 Mar 2007 20:19
The rss feed is a mess, I used > redirects instead of >> so bits got over written and then I failed to close the date tags, and its all because of copying and pasting other lines.
Doh !
27 Mar 2007 19:45
Well the Doc says its unlikely to be food poisoning, more likely to be a viraliant bug and has put me on super strong anti biotics.
First meal in a week, fish finger sandwiches and boy were they good :p
24 Mar 2007 21:19
I seem to have food poisoning. It all start on Tuesday evening when I felt odd and did not want anything to eat, and if you know me you will know I love to eat.
Then Wednesday morning I lost not only any food I had eaten but my stomach lining as well. No biggie, everyone has upset stomachs once in a while 24-48 hours max, right ? I then slept all day, another unusual thing for me.
Wednesday I could not eat anything, so kept drinking water, Thursday I tried some plain toast, but that did not last long.
Friday and a few plain biscuits survived 2 hours, its now Saturday and I feel like I have not eaten for 4 days, oh wait...
So now I am on rehydration sachets and imodium, the fun never ends ...

22 Mar 2007 12:21
I have updated the rss feed to version 2.0
There was also a bug that if the flog processing crossed over a minute boundary then the date for the permeant link was different from that recorded in the tags and the rss feed.
This was because I was using the current date and time at execution
date +"%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %Z"
a quick change to use a file and everything is fixed.
touch some.file
date -r some.file +"%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %Z"

still waiting on a nice rss button ...
20 Mar 2007 18:16
I have finally finished mindcandy vol2.
It took over 2 years to create and contains 30 Amiga demos from 1989 to 2004, of which 26 are pre 2000 plus loads of extras and full commentary on each.
Less than half the demos have commentary from the orignal creators and the substitute commenter becomes annoying after a few times, though usually very well informed.
That means I had to watch the 30 tracks twice, once without commentary, to enjoy the music and once with the commentary to try and understand more about the demos. Thats not excluding the excellent party report and informative technical production notes.
This sort of DVD will not be to everyones tastes, but for me, i clearly remember the really old demos and I enjoyed this a lot.
18 Mar 2007 18:03
I had always planned on adding an RSS feed to the flog, but steve bushed me over the edge and suggested the LUG have planet with everyones feeds.
So, if you are lucky, there should be an rss feed here, I will add a nicer link somewhere on the page soon.
14 Mar 2007 15:29
I finally got around to uploading the Jan+Feb images to the Alex web page.
I tried to be arty with a couple

14 Mar 2007 15:25
When the wii was announced last year I was very much looking forward to Excite Truck, but was only released in the USA :(
When, last month it was finally released I found I could pick it up for £35 from Game or a couple of weeks later second hand for £30, but having no money I let this offer slide.
Then yesterday I found (my personal experience, YMMV)
£40 Virgin
£35 Game
£30 Game second hand
£30 Amazon
£19.99 Game station
£32.99 Game station second hand
Yes you read that right, I even got them to double check and the computer said the full price game was more that the second hand one !
Great game, fun fun fun and great graphics. Does take getting used to the controller, I keep pressing the D pad, doh !
And a new way of injuring yourself with the wiimote, when the controller is held lengthways (as with Excite Truck) pulling the device up can give you whiplash in the eye, of course if I had been wearing the wrist strap as instructed nothing would have happened.
12 Mar 2007 23:03
Slashdot is a harsh environment, so I was very pleased to see a news submission of mine on the front page.
If you have never submitted a story to slashdot before you will not understand.
11 Mar 2007 18:38
I am still making my way through Mindcandy vol2 some of it is well put together but other parts feel a bit weak, still loads of content so it will be a while before I review it.
11 Mar 2007 18:27
I have not used my zaurus for a while but a new pdaxrom version should be out very soon, so I hope to get back on the zaurus wagon.
11 Mar 2007 14:43
The tagcloud page has been updated, you may also have noticed that the tagcloud has been changed to include another level so the less/more makes more sense.
11 Mar 2007 13:22
You may have noticed I am sucker for a Anime bargain. I currently have 6 unwatched anime DVDs bought because they were cheap, I hate the fact the most 25min, single episode anime DVDs come out with a price tag of £20 but if I wait I can usually get them as box set later on.
Todays anime DVD is Karas a very strange fantasy and si-fi mix that left me a little confused. OK, totally confused, who were the good guys and who were the enemy ?
And the ending made no sense, I thought the second DVD in the box might explain it but, no, the second DVD is just the wide screen version.
All that said it looked amazing, really clever use of 3D computer graphics and after I read the miny comic and character profiles in the sleave I have a better understanding of what went on, but still only buy if you can get it cheap.
11 Mar 2007 13:10
Look what I found.
mkdir /mnt/ramdisk && mount -t tmpfs none /mnt/ramdisk
and then if you
df -h
you will see that you have a disk in memory, mine was 500mb very handy to copy files from a CD and then use them without loads of drive noise.
08 Mar 2007 23:21

07 Mar 2007 23:03
Tag cloud news coming soon ...
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