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29 Nov 2007 21:47
If you use firefox then you need this http://www.squarefree.com/shell/ (drag onto firefoxes toolbar to install)
Now this means you can execute JavaScript in the context of the browser/web page, loads of fun, but you can also just test scripts out like...
for (var i=0;i<12;i++) { d=new Date(); d.setMonth(i); print(d.getMonth()); }
(If you want, you can change 'print' for 'alert' and run it in your browsers address bar).
This produces

Notice the missing 1, but
for (var i=0;i<12;i++) { d=new Date(); d.setDate(1); d.setMonth(i); print(d.getMonth()); }

The only difference is the month date is set to 1 before the month itself is set and yes JavaScript uses 0 for Jan and 11 for Dec.
P.s. setting the year first made no difference.
28 Nov 2007 22:24
Don't you just hate it when Internet Explorer works the same as FireFox? Let me clarify, its IE7 and the page I had been developing had some pretty hairy CSS worked in FF and after some very minor tweaks worked exactly the same in IE7, job done.
Well, not quite cos the test team started coming back with all sorts of odd display issues, turns out they were using IE6. Now the sensible thing to do here is use CSS conditional comments ... but I can not alter the HTML of the page and all the CSS hacks I could find targeted IE not < IE7.
But, I could add javascript so I ended up writing my own browser detection script that dynamically generated the CSS if the browser was an IE version lower than 7, works but ... its not nice.
P.S. Conditional comments do not work in CSS or JS only HTML.
28 Nov 2007 22:13
On its own this is pretty amazing but then you find out the creator wants to release it all as open source with PDF printable cubes !
Expect sales of eye-toys to go through the roof on ebay
19 Nov 2007 21:32
I checked into the snoopypro code following my little embarrassment and there is a hard coded 8 that I changed to 16 and now it shows all 16 bytes !
On top of that I have been going through the upload captures and it looks totally doable, easy but quite time consuming ... stay tuned ...
11 Nov 2007 16:26
I have finally committed krum to sourceforge CVS, as I always forget the steps here are some notes.
CVS basic initialisation of a project.
setup a ssh key as described in the sourceforge documention
Create a local development environment that will be the cvs data, usually just the source code and build instructions.
mkdir krum
cp krum.c krum
cp writebackbuffer.h krum
cd krum
cvs -d :ext:icedgreen@krum.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/krum import -m "initial cvs dump" krum icedgreen start
cd ..
mv krum krum_cvs_source
cvs -d :ext:icedgreen@krum.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/krum checkout krum
cd krum

edit file
cvs commit -m "my change was"
(can add file name or intelegent choice is made)
Previously I had used windows gui base cvs programs for
topBlock [windows]
Skipped the whole CVS issue for saltshaker
11 Nov 2007 16:18
Thanks to naruto canada saltshaker has been update to avoid strict python interpretors and random triangles :)
10 Nov 2007 10:57
insanity curtesy of JWZ.
number 003 is particualy good, but heavily themed, expect swearing in some.
10 Nov 2007 10:53
So what went wrong with krum ? It was leaving the machine is a strange state.
If you remember I hacked at snoopypro to give myself a few helpful changes.
My favorite enhancement was a text dump mode and update to the existing xml dump, allowing me to review the pertinent data captured in a text editor or filter it with grep.
What I failed to notice was that for some reason the text dump only included the first eight bytes of any sixteen byte data captures, though mysteriously the xml does.
So this means for the most part nothing, the functionality for getting the number of images on the device never uses more that two bytes in any single transaction, but the delete uses a large write back buffer.
This write back buffer was careful encoded by me but of course was eight bytes short for EVERY single transaction of which there are 70+.
Took a long time to work this out, but from now on I will be using the XML dumps and ignoring the text ones.
Every cloud has a silver lining, the fact the the devices settings/functionality was changed makes me wonder what else could be changed ... that is definitely a job after the main part of this project is completed.
03 Nov 2007 22:32
[pant][pant] ... krum ... is alIVE !!
I have fixed the unstable state issue when deleting images.
Details will follow when I have sometime.
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