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18 Oct 2003 13:47 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I got the CDRW to work, for some reason insmd ide-scsi works but the /etc/modules does not (see an error on boot up!)
I found I have fifty nine pounds in change, well I had been collecting for almost two years !
Saw "office Space" on DVD last night, such a good film, very true to life :) And a must watch if you want to understand why everyone hates TPS reports and loves red swing-line staplers ! (get them at http://www.thinkgeek.com )

17 Oct 2003 19:35 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Oh, broadband limit in my area HAS been reached (helped that I leaflet bombed the neighbours) but maybe a while before it is installed.
"Zelda the Wind Waker" on the Game Cube is an amazing game, I have had it for months and only just completed it, amazing game. Very non-linear lots of depth detail and stuff !!
Oh and because it took almost a week for me to find the modem drivers I had almost 600 emails, 95% spam 4.5% junk and 0.5% actual personal emails to me !! I need to setup spam assassin.

17 Oct 2003 19:23 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Yep I had lost my modem setup, all because I tried to delete my modules directory in the hope they would be rebuilt!
I had even more fun getting the CD drive to work again, and I am not convinced I can write with it ....
Finished reading "Catch as catch can" which is a collection of short stories by "Josef Heller" the guy who wrote Catch 22. Some of these tales we very odd and only a couple were anything to do with Catch 22. Recommended for die hard "Joseph Heller" fans ONLY !!
My custom keyboard setup is a bit wonkey, how can I get some of the keys to be more sensitive ? I am really hammering the poor thing to get it to work

17 Oct 2003 19:14 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
I really wanted the get flogging this last week but ....
On Wednesday I got my order from http://www.thinkgeek.com which included a http://slashdot.org t-shirt and one black and one white "hacker" hat (so I can be a black hat hacker or a white hat hacker) not to mention my QX3 USB microscope.
Various web sites discuss this as Intel's finest but it went out of production, I thought mine was end of line, but know another company has obtained the rights.
It worked no problem with winXP I had read that it was relatively easy to get working with linux....
Thursday tried to install linux drivers.... Needed to rebuild the kernel.... Should be no problem ....
Well Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning were spent trying to get a working kernel (let alone get the microscope working).
This problem was that the boot either failed (cos I had not include IDE disk support) or gave lots of missing module error messages followed by a text prompt.
Turned out that I had not set lots of things to compile as modules and the kernel rebuild was killing the Nvidia drivers, reinstalled those and all was hunky dory.
Well almost not only did the microscope not work nothing USB worked :( I had compiled OCHI but not the other USB support, quick kernel rebuild (which I am getting better at) and it worked first time).
Note I replaced my 2.4 kernel cpia drivers with the new ones from http://webcam.sourceforge.net and got the cpia control prog to control the microscopes lights.
So is it any good ? It is fun with 10x,60 and a 200x lens not to mention a bottom light for transparent samples a top light for other samples and even a the ability to remove the scope from the base and take it mobile (2m cable).
See pic below. sugar under the usb microscope
Note, with the kernel rebuild I may have lost my win modem setup :(

7 Oct 2003 18:25 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
See I told you I could get it to work ;)
Another dent in my DVD unwatched collection Read Or Die, a bizarre name for a bizarre film. Starts of with historical figures trying to steal ancient books that contain a secret Beethoven master piece that will destroy all human kind. and basically gets funnier and more action packed from there on. Agent Paper is not interested in saving the world but she does want her book back, she has not had a chance to read it yet! And Agent Paper has some odd abilities when it comes to paper folding ....
Charming and fun, contained within three 30min episodes directly from http://www.manga.co.uk (well I got mine in HMV)
I have not had a day off work for ages but today I slept in until noon and boy did I need it :(

6 Oct 2003 20:17 -- no distributed network project statistics for the mo
Well that might have gone better if I updated the script that misses the date test instead of the live on that will do nothing until another month roll over.
This seems like a good as any place to talk abut the MSI 875p Neo motherboard I put in the machine for my father in law.
Oh, there is nothing wrong with it, in fact it is a very tasty bit kit (sad, i know). But it has everything from 8 USB2 ports to SATA raid control to dolby 5.1 surround support all built in ! not to mention the 800 fsb (front side bus) giga bit lan and 4 firewire ... the list goes on ....
Now back to the SATA (serial ATA), raid is not much good if you only have one Hard drive, so I tried to disable it but then I lose one f the IDE channels (needed for CDRW drive and DVDRW drive) and then I notice just how many configurations there are with PATA (parallel ATA, old style) vs and combined with the SATA. You can set one or the other to be dominant and set what should be seen on the IDE bus, but it took me a few goes to get that right, still once working it ALL works :)



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