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27 Oct 2019:
we queued at egx
Forgot to blog that we went to EGX London 2019 last week.

It was interesting; We did get to play on the new Switch Ring Fit and couple of other things, but most of the time was queuing :(

Queuing was a serious job, as we were only there for 5 and bit hours and the average queue was 45mins.

On the other hand I did enjoy looking at all the merchandise and we did buy some funky cool things. From gaming mouse mats to phone controlled LED glasses!

Back to the negative, the food was incredibly expensive and restricted in choice. We did not realise there were more eating locations outside the event that would have been accessible.

On the positive, the London Excel was easy to get to via train.

Kids want to go again next year and I think if we go, we will be a little more prepared.
27 Oct 2019:
replacement needed after firefox build barfs on cpu flags
I am a bit excited due to ordering a new computer. My current machine is 9+ years old and starting to hit it's limits. For instance the Firefox build failed because a certain CPU flag does not exist on this old architecture. Did find a way around it, but still painful.

This will be the first computer I have not build myself since the Amiga 500 ...!
27 Oct 2019:
work attacks shark for bob and drag
Actual progress on the [url title="Shark Project"]tags.html?tag=anagramsharkattackjse[/url]!

Firstly I had been heavily refactoring the code to make it more readable and reusable.

Since then I have created the Tile system for sizing and location, which for some reason had me a be tided up with recursive thoughts for too long.

Now I have an animation for creating the Letter Tiles, meaning they sort of "pop" and "bob" as if launched from under the sea. This will also be the animation when a Shark lets go of a stolen tile.

But the big news is the Tiles are draggable and that includes mouse interaction as well as single finger touch.

Next piece of work will be handling released Tiles and how they find their way to the correct column and how other Tiles are affected by this action.
15 Oct 2019:
microsoft is phishing a bit late in the season
Back on 2nd August a member of staff received an odd email, they forwarded it to me and I opened the link in sandbox.

What was interesting was the nature of the link. It was of a onedrive.live.com/survey?resid....... format.

On opening the link in a browser the user was presented with a Office 365 login box, or was it?

To my eye it looked odd, so I poked it a bit.

It turned out to be an Office 365 spreadsheet where each cell had the border turned off and the the ones in the middle formatted to look like a Username + Password box.

This then submitted the user entry to a "survey" and redirected to a real Office 365 login page.

I found the abuse reporting section for onedrive and tried to give as much information regarding the nature of this page ...


Then on October 14th, only 10 weeks later I get a response stating they would "look in to it".

At least Google has the courtesy of not replying to my phishing reports.
12 Oct 2019:
build to the light
More procrastination on the Shark side of things. Firefox is now blocking local file linking to certain other local files and I was fed up running Python web server instances.

Had a look at Apache and nginx, but both had nightmare configs. Finally opted for lighttpd

emerge --ask www-servers/lighttpd

Setup /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

$SERVER["socket"] == "" {
server.name = "www.genfic.com"
server.document-root = "/var/www/www.genfic.com/"
server.errorlog = "/var/log/lighttpd/http_error.log"
accesslog.filename = "/var/log/lighttpd/http_access.log"

Add to services
rc-update add lighttpd default

/etc/init.d/lighttpd start

echo this is a test >> /var/www/www.genfic.com/index.html

curl ""

this is a test

time to get back in the water...

This mainly came from lighttpd Gentoo Wiki and Official lighttpd config docs wiki
01 Oct 2019:
autocomplete mind blown tab
I have been using Linux for 20+ years and Unix for few years before that, but even I do not know every trick.

In Bash shell you can use TAB to auto-complete a path and sometimes even basic commands.

If you create your own script then the TAB does not know if it should be showing results for folders or/and files and it is really annoying with complex file names and paths.

The trick is to use instead
ALT + /

{- mind blown -}
01 Oct 2019:
bash powerful powercut
My powercut wifi IP address fix worked. Or, it did not break :)

No idea what is going on, entire street was down again. Apparently some local schools were closed as they could not recover.

Normally power cuts are in the evening/night, this one was in the morning.
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