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31 Dec 2002 18:46 -- seti : 2110 -- folding :
Blinx is getting excruciatingly difficult! I have only just beat the Everwinter boss in stage 7 and i only managed that by converting all my time slots into pauses and even then it was touch and go. I even managed to beat him and then fall off and die!
I am now on stage 8, the forge of hours and just he first level is wickedly hard!
Got a few more shines on Mario but the sand bird is impossible !
30 Shines and one Yoshi !! well that answers the orange goop walls, Yoshi spits on them!
My Dad has started reading this so for him here is the current problem he is having with his new machine:
Supra Diamond Pro 56k HW PCI will not connect, first off it gives NO DIALTONE, so disabled that, also swapped all cables and tried Hyperterminal with an ATDT etc, never gets anywhere.
Swapping with another system+modem to the same socket works, but swapping cables causes phones to ring, but only certain combinations of adaptor and cable, weird.
What would be really cool would be http://www.mindcandydvd.com on an IMAX screen !!
And when 200 Terrabyte drives become standard it would make a wicked screen saver !
http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~atman/spam/adblock.shtml - how to block ads
http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/BlueMarble/ - cool earth pics, massive resolution!
http://www.filext.com/a.htm - file extension directory
http://www.dsikar.demon.co.uk/ - not what used to be here
http://www.gifworks.com/ - online gif tools, useful ?
http://www.sendmoreinfo.com/id/333744 - cash for email, spam u want!
http://extremetracking.com/open?login=jumpstat - my webstats
http://www.lightfantastic.demon.co.uk/robd/ - many years ago .....
Tomorrow is new years day so say good bye to 2002

28 Dec 2002 10:39 -- seti : 2104 -- folding : 681.79
so the GameCube. Very very small, tiny and the controller is also tiny, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.
Where as the XBox is the size of a large video player the GameCube is only just bigger than a CD box (cubed).
Mario sunshine is without a doubt Mario 64 part 2, but this is no bad thing and I completed Mario 64 on the N64, getting 100% of all stars so I got to meet Yoshi on the roof :)
I have currently got 19 shines (the equivalent of Mario 64s stars) but have got stuck on a number of levels.
One of the good things about Mario Sunshine is the freedom to explore and try out different parts of the game.
Speaking of exploring, I keep finding my way barred by some orangy gold shivering goo that is impervious to water ?!

26 Dec 2002 18:05 -- seti : 2104 -- folding : 671.4
I get Sarah a 3ft cuddly tiger and she gets me a GameCube!, what do I want with a gamecube ? the only good games are pikmin, rouge leader, monkey ball and Mario sunshine, wait a minute! I want a Mario Sunshine!, he he, got it !
Fitting my dads PC together no problem (once we worked out how open and unfold the case) the nice heat sink/fan we bought did not fit in the dinky case but luckily the CPU came with one !
I got loads of cool stuff including the next DVD for Hyper Police ! not to mention Minority Report on DVD (bought with xmas tokens) and a light up magnetic spinning levator !!
My slide show center piece went down well, the laptop sat in its stand on the mantle piece lazily going through pictures from holiday, the new house and much more. The idea was not to watch it as a classic slide show but just to note thins of interest, I may take it to another family xmas party we have later !!!
The table held up well and Sarah did a smashing xmas lunch with all the necessary ingredients, mmmmm very tasty :)
I will talk about Mario and the gamecube next time ...
oh, and sorry for all the typing mistakes in yesterdays post :(
http://terraserver.microsoft.com/ - terrabytes of image data
http://www.bmacleod.com/selectgallery.html - great ray tracing gallery
http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html - to geeky 4 me ! :(
http://www.darwinawards.com/ - humans are sooo stupid !
http://rigby-jones.net/ericschwartz/ - the greatest animator on the Amiga!!
http://neurosis.mit.edu/foo/ - leave a message, in the toilet !
http://www.latech.edu/~acm/HelloWorld.shtml - hello world in just about every programming language
http://www.unmuseum.org/unmain.htm - Museum of Unnatural Mystery
http://www.telebugs.tk/ - telebugs !!
http://www.machinate.demon.co.uk/the.plant/home.htm - before http://www.monkey-music.co.uk
http://www.snpp.com/guides/ql.html - ultimate simpsons archive
http://www.simulation-argument.com/ - Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?
http://www.speed-trap.co.uk/index.html - speed traps in the UK and what to do
http://www.inwap.com/mf/reboot/index.html - reboot !!
http://buypower.vauxhall.co.uk/trafficnet/ - great real-time UK traffic map
http://www.vgmusic.com/updates/ - game music (midi format)

25 Dec 2002 12:38 -- seti : 2104 -- folding : 671.4
MERRY XMAS !!! (if you are into that sort of thing)
I have just been clearing a space on my desk to build my Dads PC, best way to spend xmas, building your loved ones computers ;)
Watched Urusei Yatsura Movie 4 "Lum Forever" (finally), not very fun, but a good film none the less. Reminds me of movie 2 "beautiful Dreamer" which was bizarre but not funny, and was never released on VHS because its none funny nature. I got it on a quicktime movie CD from the states. So what's it about ? hmmm, difficult to say, I think the actions taken in he movie they are making at school trigger a reaction in the town consciousness, told you it was weird, and then they all end up in each others dreams that are really the memories of the town !!
Finished watching side one of http://www.mindcandydvd.com very very very very good, can not wait for side two and then going back and watching it all again with audio commentary !
I also watched the featurette on Demos, that came across as very professional and interesting. Maybe I should write review for http://slashdot.org
Got loads of little tools in my stocking from Sarah, I think she wants me to do more DIY-ing in he new house :)
You may have noticed that i have STILL not switched to http://www.distributed.net/ , why, 'cos I am lazy !
http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/impact.html - what will destroy the earth?
http://spaceinvaders.retrogames.com/html/index.html - the ultimate Space Invaders Shrine
http://www.sfdt.com/ - stick figure death theater !!
http://www.stupid.com/keychains/index.htm - I need more keys !
http://www.switcheroozoo.com/zoo.htm - morph animals, entertaining
http://web.cs.mun.ca/~michael/c/ascii-table.html - handy ASCII table
http://acronymsonline.com/tcp-udp.htm - UDP port numbers and there common use - I still get messages from my virtual creatures !

23 Dec 2002 19:52 -- seti : 2098 -- folding : 631.4
Wasting me time doing this, http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/misc/siab/ well it seemed funny at the time !
Got yet another email about http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/computer-o.html quiz, maybe I should add a note to the first page about the tick box, or just remove my email address :)
Even more DIY today, still we all learn by our mistakes. We have a small kitchen table fine for me an Sarah but not big enough for the family and we are hosting the xmas dinner this year. So we went to the DIY store and bought a 4'x4' board to go over the top, but it was to big to go in he car so we had to go back in he store and get them to cut it in half.
So now not only did I have to fit it to the table but fix the two sides together, the NoMoreNails solution had dried up so I nailed and screwed batons all over it, only to find I had screwed into the carpet, at least not into the floor underneath.
But the power of the magic dremel came to hand and i whipped off all the over hanging ends of the screws in a (large) spray of sparks, just like 5th of November.
I have setup the DVDWall (or whatever I decided to call it) with a slide show of all the pics of our new house being built, the case mods, my parents house transformations and some random pics to just have running in a loop in the background on xmas day when everyone is here, which should be cool, just like a digital picture frame !
http://developer.netscape.com/docs/examples/javascript/formval/ccnums.html - Sample valid credit card numbers (fun for annoying automated systems!)
http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/moons.html - planet satellite viewer
http://www.saverainforest.net/ - every click helps the rain forest (but its down at the mo)
http://spiritonin.com/interactive/games/sharkgame.html - silly game where you play the shark and try and eat the divers !!
http://sinfest.net/index.htm - funny online comic
http://www.slipups.com/ - movie bloopers etc
http://www.sodaplay.com/zoo/index.htm - wow! you have to see this !!
http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/ - see the sun, amazing phots/animation, updated daily (if not sooner)
http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/misc/siab/ - Sleep In A Box (nothing to do with homelessness)
http://www.jumpstation.co.uk/computer-o.html quiz - do you know your stuff? (bet you can not get a perfect score !!)

22 Dec 2002 21:38 -- seti : 2093 -- folding : 605.8
I have to link to http://www.mindcandydvd.com again, I have been watching the first hour or so and it just blows me away.
While some of the demos are relaxing others are filled with "wow" factor and energy whilst still more are brimming with unequaled power and presence !!
I worried that if i blinked I would miss something and my free codec http://www.maximusdvd.com/download.htm has not let me down !!
I also originally bought all the computer animation CDs from http://www.moviecd.com which was MPEG for slow machines (check it out if you have an old 486 etc)
I am still on he ice stage with Blinx, it is sooo not easy! but I have found out a couple of things,
One; (and i wished i had realized this sooner) cat medallions are often hanging off some cliff of other, but if you stand close enough to the edge you can vacuum them up!
Two; on the ice stage if you jump, when you land you will not slide, otherwise you are always sliding a little bit, has to be used with caution if used with the above !! (still I have ten time holders and loads of retry holders)
Finally finished hanging the door, I could not believe it when, once everything was crewed in it WORKED (little bit still, but functional)
http://www.jardinains.com - best breakout clone EVER (shareware, but no nags!!)
http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/OCEAN_PLANET/HTML/squid_opening.html - giant squid
http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/OCEAN_PLANET/HTML/squid_links.html - squid links
http://www.pimpernel.com/mahjongg/ - java mahjongg, egg-sell-lent
http://www.plumbdesign.com/thesaurus/ - need a PDA version of this thesaurus
http://promo.net/pg/ - the famous Project Gutenberg, free downloadable books
http://www.engrish.com/recentdiscoveries.html - fied wice ?
http://www.recycledgoods.com/electronics.htm - better than a classic ebay
http://www.otherlandtoys.co.uk/spider.htm - mmmmm demon toy !
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1939.html - POP3 rfc, so you can write your own
http://www.snakerobots.com/S5.htm - snake robots.

20 Dec 2002 22:02 -- seti : 2084 -- folding : 573.8
It is STILL love and hate with Blinx, any hows i am on round 7 the ice world and it is VERY hard slipping and sliding around, stupidly difficult to get the right crystal combos !!
Watch the first couple of demos on the http://www.mindcandydvd.com WOW!!
I will soon swap back to http://www.distributed.net as they have a new client now the 64 contest has ended, I will have to fiddle with my stats perl script again :(
I found a cool video editor for win32 http://virtualdub.sourceforge.com but it crashed every time I opened a movie (AVI) from my camera, the weird thing is the same happens with the OLD windows mediaplayer, still a couple download later and my machine was fitted with the correct codec (I have NEVER installed ANY of the software that came with my camera, I just use the pcmcia slot on the laptop and copy the files directly !!) http://www.mainconcept.com/archive/mcjpg30.zip
Managed to put a knife right through my hand whilst fixing the door, right through blood everywhere, luckily the leatherman is very sharp blade so it did not hurt and left a very clean wound which has healed very quickly just leaving me with masses of blood under the skin, looks weird.
RE the links, it would appear the i am using bookmarks that have new entries but also had ALL the old ones but fear not as i am been carefully collecting new ones over the year!
but for the mo here are a load of old ones !
http://www.terraserver.microsoft.com/cmap.asp?ppd=1&r=3&c=6&W=0&ClickAt=?0,0 - satelite maps
http://www.dhtmlshock.com/Games/Minesweeper/index.htm - a windows minesweeper clone
http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Chemistry/MOTM/silly/sillymols.htm - is this serious ?
http://zone.msn.com/bejeweled/ - very additive game, you have been warned
http://www.sumrallworks.com/freebies/buttonhole/multimedia/mpg/link4b.htm - MPEG
http://www.napalm.net/index.html - uha
http://www.netcraft.com/whats/?host=www.jumpstation.co.uk - wot server am i running?
http://network-tools.com/error.asp - cool online tcp tools
http://nonags.com/nonags/ - great freeware tools!!

16 Dec 2002 21:51 -- seti : 2066 -- folding : 541.8
I am mad at Blinx again, it is VERY hard and the camera does not help!, but a short while ago I was going to say how good it had got now I had upgraded my arsenal and gone back and found a few more medallions.
In fact it would that the dodgy camera has been put in there to make the game more interesting ! Speaking of which, I saved up for a super sweeper and now I can get to all the place behind heavy weights on the earlier levels.
so, currently I like Blinx (yet again), but give it time and i will HATE it again !!
http://www.mindcandydvd.com came to day, just need to find over four hours (230mins) to watch it ;)
I can not believe how professional the package looks and the mindcandydvd booklet is very good, i can not wait to spin it up !!
Got all my xmas shopping bar a couple of things done, just need to wrap them all up and label them, unlike a few years ago when I (and Sarah) wrapped all the presents and did not label them :(
Speaking of stuff to watch I have not seen the Yatsura Urusei film yet even though it completes my collection !
managed to knock and big hole in our hall door and I am now taking a crash course in hanging/preparing a new one :(
Got my Dad hooked up with a new PC from http://www.scan.co.uk but guess who has to put it together !?
He was Falcon-ing on Saturday as his birthday treat/gift !! (great place to meet birds)
(and yes i have noticed some of the links are repeating, sorry)
http://games.lasers.org/pictures.shtml - Vector games played in a new light
http://www.chem.leeds.ac.uk/delights/photos/ - Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations
http://www.geocities.co.jp/Hollywood/9060/holye.html - "Monty Python's Holy Grail" in Lego
http://looroll.com/thesheets/abstract.shtml - modern art
http://www.madblast.com/oska/pong.cfm - pong the move, brilliant
http://www.mail2web.com/ - pop3 email from any server
http://mc.pp.se/klondike/ - why can it not have a nice ending !!

11 Dec 2002 21:32 -- seti : 2058 -- folding : 469.8
Check out the coool case mod pic! I am well proud :)
case mod completed
Of course you can not see the cable tie handle I had to attach after i found the window removed the case standard handle and I could no longer put my hand in through the gap :(
I have finished reading "Dogs and Demons, the fall of modern Japan" by Alex Kerr, very good book highly recommend it to anyone who is interested what is going on in the rest of the world. Most of the book is very easy to read but chapter two hangs on financial figures (either in Yen or Dollars) and is not fun to read but the rest is amazing and almost unbelievable but then again .....
The ducks were going well but I sort of stopped again :(
Not sure where the blender tutorial has gone, oh and BTW .pbip files are blenders image index files (cached).
here are some links to make up for yesterdays post.
http://www.hwnd.net/ - some good link categorizing ...
http://vector.cshl.org/eugenics/ - eugenics of the past
http://www.cut-the-knot.com/geometry.html -Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
http://web.archive.org/ - archive of the web, see this site in earlier incarnations
http://www.irtc.org/anims/2000-01-15.html - internet raytracing, use this link as a jump
http://www.utoronto.ca/webdocs/HTMLdocs/NewHTML/iso_table.html iso character list, handy
http://www.overclocked.org/OCdelusions.htm - dead but not forgotten
http://www.arcadevillage.com/olgquarter/catchball/index.html - jezzball on line
http://www.thinks.com/games/index.htm - java based games
http://www.afu.com/intro.html - java programming FAQ
http://www.ahpah.com/cgi-bin/suid/~pah/demo.cgi - decompile java class files on line for free, hacck hack hack hak
http://plaza.harmonix.ne.jp/~jimmeans/ - unbelievably good javascript games !!
http://www.krysstal.com/borrow.html - Words Borrowed from Other Languages

10 Dec 2002 23:04 -- seti : 2048 -- folding : 448
Some of the GFX in Blinx is very very good but others are just pathetic and the levels are tiny (even the large ones).
I can not wait until I get my GameCube with super Mario Sunshine for Xmas :)
Work think I am so good at my job they paid for me and Sarah to have a meal out at the Hard Rock Cafe and then bought me lunch today !! I love my job !!
I have completed my case mod (see tomorrows post). I decided the text logo I had drawn out was to complex to be practical so I opted to just drill out the letters and it all went swimmingly until the "L" :(
I found a DIY store that sold plastics sheets for a couple of quid for a 4x2 foot panel (loads left over) and after scoring and snapping gluing it was a piece of cake. I then built up a small baking foil based screen behind the bottom (3rd) neon so the text would stand out more.
But closer examination of my box now leaves a lot to be desired, the top neon is held on by cable ties and bits of plastic (remember the sticky pads it came with kept failing), the red neon is also attached via cable ties but looks quite neat, the third one just sits there and the foil screen (6 parts) holds to the side of the case with the help of a cocktail stick :)
Blinx is getting annoying, it has time limit of 10mins for every level and the level is doable in that time, but not if you try and collect everything !
Still can not decide on center piece for the DVDW.
Saw our new house still being built, but had to wade through knee high mud to get to it :(
Work liked what I have been doing so much they gave Sarah and me a meal at the Hard Rock cafe, which was nice :)
no links today :(

3 Dec 2002 21:22 -- seti : 2020 -- folding :
I my be in major debt but that did not stop me ordering this DVD http://www.mindcandydvd.com
It will be an ideal disk for my dvdW which is now painted up, the front looks very bare and I am wondering what I can do .....
Tried out Blinx, some parts of the game are highly polished but others are sorely lacking.
The main selling point is the time crystals that can be collected and made into time controls, only I am having trouble using the controls, because you don't HAVE to and my experience of platform games is you MUST save everything !!!
The game booted in fuzzy black and white as I had with less than 1% of all the Xbox demo I have, I fixed it by setting the Xbox settings to TV does NOT support 60hz(remember the XBox is plumbed into my monitor through an unofficial VGA box.
I have not found anywhere that can sell me a PVC window for the case yet ....
http://www.ultimatechaos.com/contest/ - What 2 do with all those AOL CDs
http://www.vectorlounge.com/04_amsterdam/jam/flamjam.html - this is so stuuupid, spank the monkey !!
http://www.humanclock.com/index.php?nc=1 - human clock !
http://www.users.interport.net/%7Egiant/COLOR/1ColorSpecifier.html - HTML hex colors
http://venuemedia.com/mediaband/collins/smhome.html - freaky web graphics
http://www.icehotel-canada.com/en/photos.htm - an ice hotel, weird Canadians

1 Dec 2002 17:56 -- seti : 2009 -- folding :
Finished cutting my window, I ranked the ol' dremel up and as well as getting faster it seemed to retain its power(unlike some drill I have used).
In the end I used up three ceramic cutting disks, but two were damaged when I dropped the on the patio :( the other exploded while being used.
I am breathing in dodgy fumes as the dvdW is currently drying after being stripped and repainted.
I plan on playing Blinx in the near future but not yet !!
http://totl.net/HonourSystem - can you be trusted ?!
http://www.liquidcode.org/worm.html - I once typed this in as a one line game on the BBC
http://members.aol.com/Klaupacius/Lego/Falcon.html - falcon Lego, nuff said
http://remus.rutgers.edu/~rhoads/Obfuscated_C/pi.c - ooooo pi
http://www.cards-n-toons.com/cards/humor_bin.swf - very funny song (against osami bin landen)
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/DeCSS/Gallery/decss-haiku.txt - decss as a haiku
http://www.knoxstudio.com/ghostcam/ghost/fullsize.jpg - ghost watch
http://www.netmeg.net/jargon/terms/b.html#bug - what is a bug ?
http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pub/sat-images/D2.JPG - good satellite pics(weather)

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