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30 Nov 2002 18:28 -- seti : 2005 -- folding :
The neon feel from the top of the case for the millionth time so I now have an interesting wire tie base jury rigged rig, still it works !
I have had to stop after cutting a further 6 inches of the case window out, cos it started to rain again and it was getting dark, which did not help my improv' safety glasses (sun glasses) :(
Have been putting up the xmas decorations, including the Sarah bought singing xmas lights :(
No I mean they really sing !!
http://www.generation5.org/programs.shtml#alife - artificial life
http://noosphere.princeton.edu/ - The Global Consciousness Project
http://www.hackthematrix.com/ - fun for the film
http://www.inwap.com/pdp10/hbaker/hakmem/hakmem.html - math stuffs
http://www.halfbakery.com/ - half baked ideas
http://www.hamsterdance.com/ - the world famous one and only
http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/homepage.shtml - mmmm candy from around the world
http://www.driver.uk.com/download.htm - bits and odd bobs

30 Nov 2002 14:42 -- seti : 2004 -- folding : 346.6
Been dremel-ing away all morning, in fact I have only stopped because it has started to rain :(
Took a while but I made some nice holes in the DVD stand for the volume/earphones and the DVD drive. Used a variety of the dremel tools and it looks pretty neat with beveled edges, I also stripped the pain work (cos I had made a mess of it) so I need to repaint/varnish it.
After some time I seem to have done only about four inches of the case window, the metal my case is constructed out of appears to be industrial tank armor!
I bought Blinx the time sweeper on the Xbox, not played it yet, I just got my credit card bill and it is 200% more than usual so I feel a bit guilt buying the game :(
The neons I have in the case come with double sided sticky pads only the do not seem to be very strong and I have re-attached the the blue neon at the top a number of times, while the red one is held to the edge with some bag ties ;)
I spent all week trying to work out some blender issues, but I think I am ready to complete my "trip hazard" pic and I may do a tutorial to go with it.
http://www.ask.co.uk/docs/peek/index.asp?r=&sexFiltering=&reloads=12 - see peoples level of stupidity real time :)
http://utter.chaos.org.uk/~pdh/java/autowars.htm - nicely presented Java game
http://www.gamasutra.com/newswire/news/index19991115.htm#15 - the Dolphin that never was ...
http://www.gates96.com/games/ - some very cool web games
http://geekt.org/geekt/morenews.cgi?search=cdtv - I owned this t-shirt !! (and an A570)

25 Nov 2002 20:29 -- seti : 1982 -- folding : 311.8
Went to France at the weekend, got completely knackered then found that a train had derailed on the major line I use on Monday :(
Having great fun trying to fix the laptop stand, really need time to do some serious dremel-ing, speaking of which I have sketched a window and logo for my case mod, just need quality time outside with the ol' dremel.
http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?Acronym=bios&String=off - an exesively complete acronym list
http://www4.telge.kth.se/~d99_kme/ - ascii art alien, see my equivalent ascii&ascii
http://www.pantscam.com/ - everybody wants to see Alisons pantscam :)
http://www.kibo.com/faq/ - stuff you need to know
http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/games/showcards/A/ant_city.html - burn people as if they were ants >:)
http://www.apostrophe.fsnet.co.uk/ - The Apostrophe Protection Society
http://www.apple.com/trailers/ - latest movie trailers in quicktime format.

20 Nov 2002 23:02 -- seti : 1964 -- folding : 259.8
I have been a http://www.download.blender.pl/ blender-ing and I have down a cool animation with minimal effort (well against a step learning curve). The blender interface seems very alien but in-fact it is highly streamlined, well once you get to it and the keyboard short cuts. My animation is a marble rolling down a number of tracks, a number of things to note, the marble does some interesting rolling, as does the camera and now the tracks all rotate, stopping only as the ball reaches them. I also use the cell-shading option to make it all look like a cartoon which gives it a unique look.
The complaints I made last time about blender and menus are only an issue in WinXP and yes I did ensure all the menu transition effects were disabled, it makes it very tricky to work with :(
I plan on modding the DVD stand at the weekend and I am still not sure about my last neon :-s
I am putting the ascii (ANSI) lava lamp project on hold as it ended up very messy, I could get the 'lava' to 'go' effectively but I could not get it to leave a 'gap' behind so it eventually filled up the whole 'lamp' (phew, to many single quotes)
http://decss.zoy.org/ - 42 ways to distribute DeCSS
http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/htmlguid/index.htm - HTML guide from the best (previously the best)
http://www.distributed.net/download/clients.html - give us a new client, I am not working on RULERS !!
http://www.favicon.com/ - the mysteriously and misunderstood favicon
http://www.fourmilab.ch/index.html hmmmm, nerd stuff
http://www.wowwee.com/video/index.html - cool toy movies (robotic cobra anyone?)
http://uk.join.yahoo.com/ - was my dream employer but now i am not so sure :p

17 Nov 2002 17:24 -- seti : 1949 -- folding : 257.8
I finished the DVD wall, now renamed to stand (inventive, I know) and there appear to be a couple of design floors. First off the whole thing is simply to hold my laptop in a vertical position (with a slight angle) and it works very well for showing the screen and taking up a lot less desk space to just watch movies. However the sound is not so good as the speaks are not covered (semi) and the audio out jack is totally covered :( The other thing (which I knew about before I started) was the DVD tray would be covered, still it all fits in nice and I can even fold down the screen to avoid it getting dusty. So at the end of the day it needs modding or I can just use it as a digital picture frame, oh and the extra neon is a bit big (although I could cut it down,
I have been using (trying) http://www.download.blender.pl/ all week and I was getting ready to complain about it as being counter intuitive, but I have in stead found you just need some secret info. First off http://www.download.blender.pl/ is a 3D modeler and rendering system that is much like 3D Studio Max, but is free (totally) and is extremely powerful. Thats one in its favor, but against it is there appears to be very little documentation on its usage, although there is the option to buy a printed copy, I could not find an on line version :( The key things to note are the small close window [-] icons that appear with most options as these are in-fact menus and the only way to certain options (more often than not an [Add New] function). My next problem was I need a torus (dohnut shape) and after much searching I found a NURBS torus option but with no parameters so I got my dohnut but is was the wrong dimensions, I tried to resize parts of it but to no avail, in the end the trick is to add a circular plane switch to a side view, move the global center and select SPIN and extrude, this way I could even create a half dohnut (which was actually what I wanted).
Note that blender also has a complete animation key framing system which is very easy to use. One last thing AGAINST blender is the GUI (in windoze) is very slow and will select menu options automatically if you do not wait for the menu to draw completely.
http://www.geocities.co.jp/HeartLand-Himawari/2544/photosg.html - who builds a life size Gundam robot ? this guy ;)
http://thcnet.net/error/index.php - the error page is the Zork text game, kewl !
http://www.cat-scan.com/ - ah ah AH AH ah, little furry kitty kats ah
http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/binary.html - know your binary, a pity no one abides by this :(
http://www.despair.com/demotivators/demotivators.html - what most boss use :)
http://www.firebox.com/gadgets/index.html - mmm gadgets
http://www.col-conk.com/executiv.htm - more toys 4 the office
http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame1.html - visualize those annoying flamers
http://www.astrogator.se/~gunnar/Humor/ - programming funnies (most in English)

16 Nov 2002 13:35 -- seti : 1944 -- folding : 249.8
Looks like I missed a few days, well Wednesday I had an excuse but yesterday I was just to nakered to do anything :(
My excuse ? oh, I went to see xXx in the cinema, the movie had little plot and what it did have was leaky and characters were over the top and everything exploded, of course I loved it !! Worth going to see just for the stunts and the comedy moments ;)
And Thursday I did this

I was very pleased with the original image I took with my digital camera, 2048x1536 so crisp and clear, did need the tripod to get a steady image at a night night exposure. Makes a good backdrop in windoze !
I have not had time to work on the ASCII lava lamp or the duck hot foot, but I will continue to varnish the DVD wall (and I have a neon light for it (maybe).
Urusei Yatsura review.
" OVA3 Goat and Cheese"
Hmmm, an ancient curse is brought to light when the gang inadvertently have their picture taken in front of the Mendou clans goat statue. Can they unravel the reason behind the ghost goat or will it devour their souls !? Or is it a big scam?
http://www.jonathonrobinson.com/3.0/web/webtsos.html - flash music video [terrible secret of space]
http://www.theultimates.com/email/ - track email addresses and owners
http://www.xe.net/ucc/ - ultimate currency converter
http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/mugs.html - R U A mug ?
http://www.toysnjoys.com/mcfarlanetoys.html - I have Kanada's bike (Akira), I just need the rest
http://the.animearchive.org/index2.html - ultimate anime archive !
http://www.starmount.co.uk/contacts.htm - mmmm mini CDs (I can not get these anywhere else in the UK !!
http://www.theregister.co.uk/ - tech news daily, the best

12 Nov 2002 22:12 -- seti : 1927 -- folding : 235.8
Painting has not been going so well, I hoped to do the varnishing tonight but the damn thing had stuck to the dust sheet and had to be peeled off :(
todays Urusei Yatsura review
" OVA3 Catch the heart"
Lum gets some mysterious candy from Ran who in turn got it from a strange spirit. The candy has a odd side effect, anyone who eats one out pops a heart above there head and who ever takes the heart they are madly infatuated with. But with the school crew and Mendou set on Lum's heart and Lum set on Ataru's a mad chase breaks out. The chase quickly involves the entire Mendou army and everything goes a bit ridiculous.
Urgh, I have spent the last hour trying to flash my Toshiba DVD ROM SD-R2002, still these ppl were nice enough to help out http://www.firmware.fr.st/
Need to boot to DOS, what a no odd concept :p still I am truly region free at last :) thanks to the free DVD codec posting from a while ago (I need to hack the hardware before the region free codec would allow media player to access the disk)
http://www.bbspot.com/toys/slashtitle/index.html - fake http://slashdot.org stories :)
http://studyguides.cramsession.com/video/behindms/video.htm - funny flash mockumentory of Microsoft's new OS
http://copyleft.net/cgi-bin/copyleft/t026.pl - just one of a great selection of geek t-shirts
http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/30/index.html - BOFH BOfH . B O F H !!
http://www.rinkworks.com/bookaminute/classics.shtml - condensed classics, hmmm ?
http://www.bootlegactionfigures.com/whatsnew.htm - bootleg toys, scary!
http://www.boysstuff.co.uk/pages/new.html - great gadgets and toys
http://whyfiles.org/coolimages/archivesframe.msql?cat=100 - science behind the news

11 Nov 2002 22:46 -- seti : 1923 -- folding : 229.8
opps forgot my Urusei Yatsura review
" OVA2 I howl at the moon"
Ataru unwittingly eats another one of Lum's alien dishes and ends up turning into a wolfman and so does his teacher. It is a made rushes to find the morphed Aratru before the change becomes permanent !
Oh and I bought the DVD of Attack of the clones (I blame Romain) (in a box set with episode one)
And it might the paint fumes but I found my old lava lamp ascii project and am hacking at it !
here are some urls to make up for the earlier ones
http://www.overclocked.org/ - one of the best console base cartoon series on the web, sadly no more, but still fun.
http://www.penny-arcade.com/view.php3 - overclocked successors, same but different
http://sinfest.net/index.htm - funny web cartoon, not about computers :D
http://www.tinysoftware.com/ - if you look hard they still do the free firewall
http://www.userfriendly.org/cartoons/archives/ - best damn cartoon on the net
http://www.protista.com/ - new links to cool stuff everyday
http://www.fark.com - more links to weird (and dodgy stuff) daily than anyone else
oh and the stats should be updated by now :(

11 Nov 2002 21:58 -- seti : 1917 -- folding : 221.8
I am on my third coat of paint, well third painting stage as I can not paint it all at once. I am of course talking about the great DVD wall (needs a better name), varnish is ready as soon as the six hours drying time is complete.
I created another cool GIMPy thing to do (remember GIMP is a totally free photoshop program with much much more ! http://www.gimp.org )
I took a picture of a wet polar bear and cropped the nose, then selected a type of dohnut shape and glass lensed it used by RGB splitter(see below) did some subtle editing to create a swirl in the middle and the filter color mapped the entire image with the gradient and got the most amazing lively lava 3d image ;)
RGB splitter? its a GIMP script I wrote (just to see if I could), I do not like the GIMP and its channels so I wrote a script that would split a single image into three layers, Red, Green and Blue and set the layers up to show the original image, this allows some very cool and subtle effects to be inflicted on just one color channel. If you want the script I can email it to you.
I feel disappointed that I completed Dark Summit, it was loads of fun, still I do not want to complete it another four times (three extra characters and I found a cheat to unlock a secret alien one), but maybe in a few years time ;)
http://boudicca.tux.org/mhonarc/ma-linux/2000/2000-Jul/msg00077.html - good ipchains example
http://www.delorie.com/store/ace/ - better than solitaire (4 linux)
http://dsl.org/cookbook/ - Linux cookbook
http://www.enlightenment.org/pages/main.html - a smart window manager
http://archives.seul.org/seul/edu/Jun-2000/msg00099.html - more ipchains examples/info
sorry if todays links are a bit linux I will try and put more fun in tomorrow ;)

10 Nov 2002 15:05 -- seti : 1917 -- folding : 221.8
I completed my work on Dark Summit, all challenges and trick icons accounted for !
For half price I strongly recommend this game, wicked fun, cool graphics, sound gets very repetitive :(
Speak of sound in Xbox games why can I not find any games that take advantage of the CD ripper built in? The idea was you could rip any CD you wanted to the Xbox hard drive and then use those tracks instead of the games, would have been very useful in dark summit :)
Built my DVD wall, i tried to use lots of nails but the wood was to thin and it made a right mess so I switched to a "no more nails" type formula and it is currently drying after its first coat of paint.
I tested it and the laptop fitted almost perfectly, this means I can run it as a digital picture frame as well as a DVD screen !
I finally got round to varnishing my old P70 linux laptop with the abstract design, to find the varnish is eating the gold paint :(
The PSQL stuff is finished but I have not been using it much, I still has some other tables but I do not need them but ......
Nothing happened on the flame grilled duck front, been pretty busy at work, in fact I should have brought it home, doh !
Watched all the Urusei Yatsura vids, I will review each of the six episodes followed by the movie per day. First up is
"OVA2 Raging Sherbet"
Oyuki lends a sherbet bird to Ran to test on earth but she over works the poor thing and it escapes firing deadly sherbet cones everywhere even damaging Benten's new bike. Benten is set to destroy it but Lum and Ran desperately want to save it from Benten's wrath else Oyuki will go physco. Madness, as always in all the right places.
http://totl.net/VirusScanner/? - human virus scanner :)
http://www.intuitive.com/cgi-local/trivial.cgi - trivia for geeks
http://www.ugo.com/channels/freestyle/features/worsttransformers/ - The Worst Ten Transformers of All Time
http://www.voiceone.com/html/stupid.html - humans are stupid, read the facts
http://www.volcanolive.com/volcanocams.html - web cams of the worlds volcanos
http://home7.inet.tele.dk/batfiles/main/batfaq1.htm - MSDOS batch file, useful if u have no linux shell
What you want more links!! well it has been a while, ok here you go.
http://www.bigideafun.com/penguins/arcade/spaced_penguin/info.htm - a wicked gravity based game, with penguins
http://www.liquid.se/pong.html - 3D pong game, very hard to win !!
http://home.earthlink.net/~mthyen/index.html - A compilation of 555 numbers from movies, television and radio, worryingly complete
http://www.imsa.edu/~jhayward/other/maze4d/ - a 4D maze .....
http://mrl.nyu.edu/~perlin/demox/Planet.html - a virtual world, click to zoom in, kewl
http://alicebot.org/ - cool AI, talk to Alice
http://odur.let.rug.nl/~kleiweg/abclock/ - analog bitmap clock, like it
http://files.moo.ca - erm, got sometime ?

3 Nov 2002 22:52 -- seti : 1890 -- folding : 152.93
Well it is next month already over and only 51 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes and 24 seconds until December 25,2002, that info thats to my hundred year old javascript http://www.lightfantastic.demon.co.uk/robd/javas/date.html
So in Dark Summit I collected all the bomb fragments and stormed/destroyed the base and I now have all the equipment and playable characters, BUT I do not have all the money icons, I am missing one stunt/trick Icon and I have not complete four challenges (two marked as classified).
Also when selecting a new character the game resets to zero money/points, oh and my overall percent complete is at 89% hmmmm.
I got Sarah some interesting stuff for here birthday including a limited edition Disney print from http://www.animaart.com, a furry liquid snow globe and dancing hamster who sings the GhostBusters tune while playing a sax, oh and some socks :)
I finally bought the original Blade sound-track, I tried to buy it when the film came out but ended up with a very crap "music inspired by Blade" CD, but the original sound-track STILL does not have the tunes I wanted, the thumping techno etc.. :(
We saw our house, it is missing any walls upstairs but is taking shape nicely .......
I HAVE been working on my ASP PSQL setup and you can now add records with ease while lots of funky stuff goes on in the background, just want to add a link linker :)
I have convinced Sarah to buy me a GameCube for xmas (see count down below) along with Mario sunshine :)
Oh, and I picked up an Appleseed figure which came with a DVD, to find the DVD was less than 4 mins long, hmmm where's trading standards when you need them :(
http://www.lightfantastic.demon.co.uk/robd/javas/countdown.html?dateCD=December%2025%2C%202002 - xmas where r u ?
http://searchrequests.weblogs.com/ - what odd (and often adult) search requests would link to an innocent weblog !?
http://metalab.unc.edu/Dave/ar00261.htm#banner - Dr Fun, not always funny, but worth a look
http://www.scrubtheweb.com/abs/promo.html - are your web pages search robot friendly ?
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/evilgenius/ - a book close to my heart
http://tecfa.unige.ch/staf/staf-e/sun/staf15/hanzi1/evolution.html -The evolution of the structure of the Chinese Characters

2 Nov 2002 21:40 -- seti : 1890 -- folding : 152.93
hmmm, long time no type, have I got an excuse ? no really i am just lazy :p
I have really got to grips with "dark summit", I have been storming through the challenges and areas. I have not completed all the challenges but that has not stopped me getting the moon pipe (spacy half pipe on an alien ship) and to the last level "storm the HQ".
and it is a doozy of a level, needing serious grinding and jumping skills not to mention a hell of a lot of luck !
In fact I have got to the second half, and i am sooo glad it is split in two, because it is damn tricky !!
But the odd thing (after the exploding robot cows) is the Venus images in the snow, u no as in "hey homer, you never seen a naked chick riding a calm?".
I got some work on the duck project but nothing exciting, and my asp SQLy thing is taking 4ever, though last weekend i did write some groovy javascript to do with form lists :)
I took time out at lunch to visit Forbidden Planet on New Oxford st via the under ground, very easy to find.
I tried not to spend all lunch time there but that is like ask me to buy a Playstation 2, never gonna happen.
I eventually settled on some Yatsura Urusei videos, I thought I had them all years ago, but i must have missed these new ones.
curisimations go out to my good friend Maverick who spent sometime trying to organize a big xmas party and then no one would pay the deposit necessary to book the venue (accept me) and THEN spent nearly two hundred quid on an out of date Playstation 2, <shake type=head>dismay;</shake>
Dark summit is starting to annoy, I can not turn the XBox off without losing my place but it is so damn difficult !!!
doh, saying that I have just completed it<slaps type=head> any hoo here are some links.
http://winmerge.sourceforge.net/ - open source file/directory comparer, better than windiff ?? hmmm
http://www.badastronomy.com/bad/misc/index.html - find out about real astronomy, no its fun really
http://www.crystalinks.com/precession.html - every1 needs to no about PRECESSION
http://www.pressanykey.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/pak/jquiz.cgi - find out how dumb u really r !
http://dreamcast.planetweb.com/vmu/vmupreview.html?type=random - random VMU animations, converted into GIFs 4 your entertainment.
http://www.jwz.org/webcollage/collage.html - montage of what is being surfed, updates every 60secs
http://www.travel-library.com/general/driving/drive_which_side.html#listofcountries - drive on which side of the road ??
http://www.osearth.com/resources/worldometers/ - world meters
http://www.no-god.com/game/wrath.html - be evil to the unbelievers !!

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