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30 Jan 20030 9:29 -- seti : 2190 -- folding : 1014.59
Train crash hardly effected my journey, but do not let that fool you, i was delayed tonight because the station was closed due to flooding, but as we went past there was only a small puddle :(
109 shines
How to Configure Internet Explorer to Have More Than Two Download Sessions http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282402
http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/29014.html uk to get ID cards? I think not :)
A surprising amount of people/sites link to me, check-em out
and this tool kit is quite handy and its free
moving in just a few days.
moving tomorrow .....

28 Jan 2003 22:30 -- seti : 2190 -- folding : 1014.59
I feel a lot better now, but not fixed :(
Been having fun trying direct connect, appears a lot of people just share their hard drives to get there share limit up ;)
and for some reason a lot of people are sharing folders labeled Britney Spears (and no i did not even look).
Went back (again) to the duck project (how overdue?) and was surprised when after 50+ lines of code were add it all compiled bar one missing }, damn i am good :)
Finished watching the http://www.mindcandydvd.com with audio commentary, not amazing but still entertaining and I can not get over the fact that this DVD is over 4 hours long yet cost less than a normal DVD.
I would have liked a more technical orientated commentary but they did have some bits <shrugs>
Direct connect is great for downloading small files (less than 100mb) but anything else and it is likely that the other party will disconnect before you finish downloading <shrugs>
maybe i should rename this <shrugs>log
107 shines
p.s. train crash in central London should make journey to work fun :(

24 Jan 2003 19:57 -- seti : 2189 -- folding : 911.8

I have been busy being ill :(
still up to 93 shines
got to listen to the commentary tracks on http://www.mindcandydvd.com, which was good but I had hoped that commentary would be by members of the original groups, but only a few were the rest were by the DVD producers.
I have been trying various file sharing apps eDonkey failed miserably and i am trying direct connect at the mo, and i had to open up my firewall a lot still i download a a whole mp3 , only 1meg but hey i got a file , then i deleted it.
In fact the key thing i notice while perusing all these illegal games/mpgs/movies is that there is very little i am interested <shrug>
The other thing with direct connect i had not had a problem with kazza and others is that some/most direct connect servers require you to share X number of gig, which is a pain if you have nothing to share and i am sure a lot of shares are stuffed just to increase the shared gig. Which of course is one key thing with file sharing, you are downloading X meg of data but you have no idea whether it has anything to do with the file name <shrug>
well i going back to being ill :(
what i now need http://www.primagames.com/strategy/guide/1524/6613/

24 Jan 2003 12:51 -- seti : 2183 -- folding : 892.6
My infamous CD tower is growing steadily and has CD from over 4 years ago on it :)
An inoccent looking site but check out the habitat details http://www.virtualinsectary.com/plants/plant_15.htm
Doh, now my DVD on the laptop has died :( get error 0xC00D116A tried all suggestions about change screen depth and hardware acceleration and uninstalling and reinstall the DVD drive, I will now try and re-flash it.
no luck, but i did find that the .VOB files play from FILE/OPEN so i will watch them like that.
Just finished "Black House" by Steven King and Peter Straub, not bad but i would not recommend it, now onto In Search of Schrodingers cat
got a late xmas present from http://www.swisstechtools.com the utilikey, very cool, lives on my key ring :)

22 Jan 2003 21:14 -- seti : 2183 -- folding : 892.6
My infamous CD tower is growing steadily and has CD from over 4 years ago on it :)
An inoccent looking site but check out the habitat details http://www.virtualinsectary.com/plants/plant_15.htm
Doh, now my DVD on the laptop has died :( get error 0xC00D116A tried all suggestions about change screen depth and hardware acceleration and uninstalling and reinstall the DVD drive, I will now try and re-flash it.
no luck, but i did find that the .VOB files play from FILE/OPEN so i will watch them like that.
Just finished "Black House" by Steven King and Peter Straub, not bad but i would not recommend it, now onto In Search of Schrodingers cat
got a late xmas present from http://www.swisstechtools.com the utilikey, very cool, lives on my key ring :)

19 Jan 2003 22:53 -- seti : 2175 -- folding : 892.6
When we move and have no broadband I will be able to use my Linux machine(currently firewall) again without fear, this means Debian 3+ and X11 sessions annnnnd (maybe) some Dreamcast development as dev-ing on a PC appears to be complex to setup.
Who would have thought I would be looking forward to losing broadband ??
Completed Mario sunshine, well I beat bowser and got the end credits but to unlock all the secrets I need another 39 shines. The end boss was very easy to beat only the path to get to him was stupidly hard, but it had loads of blue coins i need to go back and find.
P.s. 89 shines only 31 to go ;)

18 Jan 2003 18:57 -- seti : 2175 -- folding : 866.5
after three years here we are finally moving and they STILL have not done the roads !
I have been doing some fun stuff at work, getting SQL stored procedures to download stuff off the web via ATL COM objects written in CPP, it will be interesting if the are network hold ups ;)
80 shine sprites :D
A couple of months after we moved in (three years ago) my car was broken into and the stereo player ripped out. They had stuck a large screw driver into the lock and totally destroyed it, but what was worse is that all this happened directly below our open bedroom windows (we had a fan on all night). And today I find someone has tried to do the same with the passenger side, which is stupid because I had an alarm fitted and the insurance paid for a new stereo with are removable front. Question is, are they coming back to finish the job before we move and i can hide my car in the garage and walk to work ?

17 Jan 2003 20:48 -- seti : 2175 -- folding : 844.12
Worried about ID cards for the UK http://www.FaxYourMP.com I did and she replied (via post) in one day and it was a personal response noting her opinion as also against ID cards and giving me details how to further my complaint.
If you had not noticed the UK government is saying that a large percentage of people are FOR ID cards, but I can not believe this as there are sooo MANY flaws in such a system.
in case you could not tell the was 3D TV system and here are the details.

0 0 (1)

(2) (3)

X (4) X (5) X (6)

where (in a overhead view
(1) is a tree (yes it is!)
(2) is a wall
(3) is a window
(4/5/6) are viewpoints discussed below

Now it is very clear that position (4) can not see the tree because of the wall but (5/6) can, through the window.
So position (6) can see the tree but has a different view than position (5), although it might not seem much different position (6) can see further round the tree and has to look at a different angle than position (5).
So what's my big idea ?
What if the window is in fact a TV/monitor?
Well at the moment where ever you look from you see the same thing on the monitor, what i propose is that each pixel (for want of a better word) is a three dimensional bubble array of light emitters.

(Top down view on a single bubble)

O O \ \|/ /
O O \-OOO-/
(Off) \-O O-/

Notice how (as with a normal bulb) the light is dispersed in all directions? well what if the light was not the same color in all directions and what if you had hundreds or thousands of these computer controlled?
The computer could setup each bubble part to show the correct light (for when you look at it as such) as if you were looking through the screen at an object and because we use two eyes to see things and because of there spacing they will see different light coming from the bubbles the brain can be fooled into seeing 3D.
Problems, depending on bubble size ghosting would occur and images /objects may appear blurry.

16 Jan 2003 23:07 -- seti : 2173 -- folding : 837.72
http://theneoproject.com/ website states they are defiantly going ahead after reviewing the legal side of things , just waiting for a client then ...
I have a new case mod planned, and this ones a bit different ;)
Need to plan out my D TV idea as well....
Went to http://www.bodyworlds.com absolutely amazing a must for everyone vaguely interested in the human body and how we work.
It was a lot larger than i expected with many many full setups and even more bits and pieces including fully bodies made of just the blood vessels. GO C IT NOW !
Talking of C, i am doing some at work and it is doing my head in, must convert some very obscure types but apart from that its pretty coool.
Apologies for my alarmist last post, things were not quite as bad as I made out. Firstly no contact was made between vehicles (no thanks to the other driver) even though the other driver had swerved across lanes only going right (I was going straight on) and after our near collision he (I presume it was a he) under took me and sped off only to be caught up in traffic and i went casually by only to find this driver on my bumper the whole way home (bar the last road), so either he gave up or lives near by <shrugs>

14 Jan 2003 19:45 -- seti : 2165 -- folding : 824.92
Last level on Blinx, only it seems to be the hardest boss levels so far one after another :(
70 shines! (they becoming much harder to come by)
Friday someone drive into the side of me and stupidly (as there was no apparent damage to either of us) i let it go, but in bright light and scrutiny there is damage to the door and side panel, very small, but damage none the less.
And today some idiot tried to ram me off the road and follow me home, i am still shaken <shakes>

11 Jan 2003 19:04 -- seti : 2155 -- folding : 780.13
wow http://www.billworkgroup.org/billworkgroup/home now thats something you do not see everyday ;)
Oh, and the http://theneoproject.com/ MAY be back, but they are creating a new client, so we will have to wait.
68 shines! only 52 to go ;)
Looks like we FINALLY have moving date, so lets start packing.
http://www.matrixorbital.com/products.htm - LCD panels for your computer, coool
http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20021223.html - Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes of 2002, i never make mistakes !! :) - put a computer in ANYTHING

7 Jan 2003 19:57 -- seti : 2139 -- folding : 774.54
opps that lot was supposed to be posted yesterday, oh well
I was reading my current "on the train" book which is the Black House by Steven King (and another author) and one of the characters says "tempus fugit", which I thought was rather odd, so I had a look on http://www.google.com for it (I did think it would be Latin) and it is Latin for "time flies" but I also found this, which was rather interesting ...
Snowed today, a surprising rarity, normally it just rains.
My Dad got his modem to work, apparently he just installed it again (for the 50th time) and it worked !!
53 Shines
Forget http://theneoproject.com/ it would appear that within hours of the original announcement Micro$oft breathed on them and they folded :( but you can not blame them even if what they were doing WAS legal, Micro$oft would have swatted them like a fly !
If the page is still down, they had distributed project to crack the Xbox encryption and make it safe to run Linux.

7 Jan 2003 19:51 -- seti : 2139 -- folding : 774.54
When i said "can not get the cool shades, Mario is cooool !", what i meant is "I CAN now get the shades" <slap type="head">Doh!</slaps>
There is very little speech in Mario, not even the customary "Its me, Mario" and the music is very N64'ish and repetitive.
The big thing about Mario Sunshine is his new backpack, but a large number of levels remove the backpack and look exactly like Mario64 did, and they are equally as hard !
Speaking of which, I am finding the game much easier than Mario 64, some levels can be completed first time with no thought at all, but a few others require reconnaissance and careful planning.
Blinx on the other hand is just darn stupidly hard now, level 3/stage 8 finally managed to kill all the monsters and i can not get to the end as you need TWO records AGHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh.!
Ducks got some prototyped functions, which is odd because Java does not have prototyping ;)
not in the mood to fix my favs convert so nahh!
http://theneoproject.com/ - must devote all CPU time !!

5 Jan 2003 10:58 -- seti : 2131 -- folding : 760.94
39 Shines and I can not get the cool shades, Mario is cooool !
Watched the final part of side two of http://www.mindcandydvd.com and all the extra demos I could find (via the chapter selector in Media Player). As I have said before I know need to watch it with audio commentary, only four hours ;)
Watched Minority Report at last, good film, large number of plot holes, guess you can not take it to seriously.
no links, i am sorting out my favs to text script
ps. 50 shines

1 Jan 2003 22:29 -- seti : 2115 -- folding : 729.75
Happy New Year !!
My new years resolution is to finish the hot duck project! It was only supposed to be a quick thing and it has gone one for months !!
Started watching the second side of http://www.mindcandydvd.com "old school" demos, starts off pretty poor with some stuff from the early 90s that I can fully appreciate having seen it all in the Amiga, but i know some people (most) people will be bored by this, still the over side is truly awesome and more than makes up for this and besides now I am just over half way things are starting to pick up as we move into 1996 and beyond !
Oh, and i hooked up some speakers so I can hear the 8bit sound clearly :s
Finally got access to the extra nozzles in Mario Sunshine, but by using one you drop another and i have not had time to try them out as Sarah keeps watch the TV :(
I neeeed a VGA adaptor for a PAL gamecube !!! and no one on the Nintendo boards is replying :( (although i got a lot of support from them about the downloads not working(they are fixed now)).
thats all the boo marks that were left, phew
p.s. 37 shines :)

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