Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2003

(And this is a rip of last years page, I am lazy, so sue me!)

Jan mindcandy
direct connect
3d tv idea
Moved house blinx
Mario Sunshine
Feb Mario Sunshine
Kill DVD player
revol on the psion
Mar Fighting WAGN
Luigis Mansion
Sarah's dad in car accident
political cartoon (idea only)
auto flog
AMP reserected
Painted guyver woman
IE does not like PNG
Hacking the DV1 digital video camera
stick DV1 on desktop rover
Apr Mario sunshine
"What does this say?"
Star fox adventures
new turf
May Helicopter
xscreensaver subliminal static
Super monkey ball
Silent PSU
Zalman flower CPU cooler
fighting Mesa and openGL
Jun http://www.fotolog.net/muhnamuhna
Lift panel
CD based distros for DVD playback
MPlayer GUI
subliminal static
Jul End of the laptop with the dodgy power button?
Holiday / cruise
Silient drives
Aug room painting
more mod switches for fans
Painting my room with interesting patterns
New NVidia GeForce FX5600
2560x960 dual monitor mega desktop (KDE)
DVD watching in Linux(xine)
V200 animated background
Switched neons window
Hot days
Sound proofing kit
history of the machine
logitech webcam in Linux
Sep NVidia stability battles
Neon string keyboard mod
Room pics
Oct Leaflet bombing for broadband
Zelda - wind waker
QX3 microscope (in linux)
Nov Blender created backgorunds
Heart beat led mod
Keyboard modded to fix last keyboard modding problem
DVDs in Linux
Dec Blender background
51 openGL hacks running
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