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02 Aug 2022:
is developer mode ruining your scrolling experience?

Something that I noticed a few weeks ago, was my Pixel 3 android phone wasn't letting me scroll consistently. It was selecting things multiple times as if I was rapidly clicking instead of scrolling. Very annoying, rebooted and it didn't go away.

I thought it might be my fingers conductivity, but various experiments revealed nothing. Then it just went away...

Until today. Quick bit of Googling and get suggestions of 1. Reboot
2. Upgrade
3. Your screen is broken and needs to be replaced
4. Factory reset
5. Turn off developer mode.

The first four were parroted everywhere but not wanting to deal with 3 and 4 I kept digging, to find number 5 on Google's own android troubleshooting site.

Turned off Developer mode and instantly started working properly again.


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