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31 Jul 2022:
its time to complain about the weather again

So back on the 12th July I was complaining about the heat . But on the 20th, just 8 days later it was 40C and that was most uncomfortable.

Currently is seems to be hovering around 23-24C. This is only bearable with a fan on almost constantly.

27 Jul 2022:
designing a printable dice tower with spiral staircase

After the

screenshot from prusa slicer of dragon head dice holder sliced
Dragon head dice holder

I wanted to do some more D&D 3D printing, so I designed a dice tower.

One of the regulars had a wooden dice tower that was basically a square wooden box with a ramp inside and an exit slot at the bottom.

I could do better than that...?

I wanted a literal dice tower so I blendered one :D

A cylinder with an array of cubes.
screenshot from blender of basic dice tower

Base step shape sculpted to look worn and promote gravity on dice.
screenshot from blender showing sculpted steps

Cylinder with inserted faces extruded, partially sculpted. Doorway and exit-only chest added. Center pole and ramparts.
dice tower object in 3d

The chest stops the dice from getting stuck behind the stairway.
dice tower object in 3d

Looking at the path the dice will take.
dice tower object in 3d

Before exporting as a .STL for printing I tried to fix every little error the 3D Print Toolbox showed up. This was a bad move and I lost a couple of days to fixing A and making B worse, fixing B and making A worse.

dice tower object in 3d

Prusa Slicer took the model flaws and all without breaking a sweat.
Prusa slicer dice tower object in 3d

At this point I should have noticed how thick the walls were...
Prusa slicer dice tower object in 3d slice

and 10.5 hours later...

Looking down into the printed tower
photo of dice tower printed

I printed a mini version to see if the stairs could even be printed.
photo of dice tower printed with mini

and does it work?
photo of dice tower printed with mini

photo of dice tower printed with dice

OK, so it is not perfect. Some of my larger dice get stuck, but that's what V1.1 will fix !

26 Jul 2022:
spam spam bmw spam spam


I get a lot of SPAM , but this one caught my interest.

From: Wise REDACTED@nb.sympatico.ca To: Subject: Re: Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2022 09:19:17 -0400 (EDT) User-Agent: OWM Mail 3


Hello, We regret to inform you that we have restricted your account for your own protection. This security procedure is important because you have not yet verified your phone number. In order for us to continue to offer you a secure payment service, it is necessary to confirm your mobile number. You can confirm your phone number by logging back into your account. Go to my account LINK REDACTED Thanks, The wise Team. This email was sent to you by Wise. By using our services, you agree to our customer agreements. Wise 2022. All rights reserved.

Nothing very interesting or unusual there, but why can I scroll down so many blank lines?

oh, this was at the end

Book your appointment now. Hello REDACTED ,BMW Teleservices, the on-board system in your vehicle, has notified us that the service on your BMW 320d xDrive is due. Our online booking tool allows you to book an appointment at your convenience by clicking the link below. All our services are carried out by BMW Trained Technicians who only ever use Genuine BMW Parts that come with a two year warranty for added peace of mind. Furthermore, our BMW Service Centres have implemented additional safety measures that include thoroughly cleaning the interior touchpoints of your BMW before it is returned to you. We hope you stay safe and well.

Followed by a load of legitimate links and the customer's full name and VIN!

So, was this a coincidence or was a real email that BMW customers get used as a Trojan horse to bypass SPAM filters.

And having the mail client set as Outlook Web Mobile probably helped.

Better luck next time scum! (I am referring to the spammers not BMW)

12 Jul 2022:
what do you mean it is too hot to blog

Lots to post about, but it is too hot !!

Has been 29-30C most of the day.

The sun went down a couple of hours ago and it is still a sweltering 25.5C

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