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19 Jan 2020:
chmod home surfaces local shark tiles
I am still finding holes in my new setup. Which means I has taken a long time to get to the point where I could get Anagram Shark Attack back on track.

Luckily I had done a flog post setting up the local web server. Which got me almost back to normal.

I tried accessing the local dev copy of the Anagram Shark Attack game and got
403 Forbidden

Which was odd because this is just a static html file. I then checked all the permissions and they were the same as my old setup.

The folder structure is

     /game -> /home/user/projects/javascript/Anagram Shark Attack JS-E

and shark.jumpstation.co.uk:8080/test.html did work.

I found an extra setting in the /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf to enable directory browsing.
dir-listing.activate     = "enable"

This allowed me to hit the root and see a directory listing shark.jumpstation.co.uk:8080/. But only test.html showed. Definitely a permissions problem.

So I recheck all the /var/www permissions and the /home/user/projects/javascript/Anagram Shark Attack JS-E permissions.

Googling around I found a number of small comments about chmod o+x /home/user, which seemed a bit bonkers, but I was willing to try almost anything.

and it worked!

shark.jumpstation.co.uk:8080/ now showed me the test.html and the game folder

and shark.jumpstation.co.uk:8080/game/game.html showed my cool surfacing tiles of a random word from level 1.
19 Jan 2020:
apple the more you pay the less you get or no ports for pro
I really hate Apple, I mean it causes my blood to boil and I feel physically sick dealing with Apple tech. So...

My friend updates from a Mac Book Air to a Mac Book Pro and has bought all the shiny Apple accessories, including Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard devices.

The new Mac says it will copy all the old data off the old Mac, sounds good. Expect the backups of the old Mac have been failing because backups only run when connected to the mains. They never disconnect the charger and that is not within reach of the network where the backups are. There is a single backup from 644 days ago. It is not practical to retrieve the mains adaptor at this time.

While this is going on we open the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. Instructions state: "to pair: insert Lightning cable in to mouse and USB end into Mac". The Mac Book Pro has no USB sockets. It is the same with the Magic keyboard.

All the old accessories from the Mac Book Air are Lightning connectors. There are no Lightning connectors on the Mac Book Pro.

I feel a stomach ache coming on :(
12 Jan 2020:
driving nine year old in a kernel panic
When I setup my new computer I brought with me all the old hard drives.

Once I had the initial Gentoo system booting I connected the drives one at a time.

And then it broke. Linux would crash during boot with a Kernel Panic. I decided to come back to it later, I could always connect the driver with a USB adaptor(drive toaster).

So I tried connecting the drive again and the same happened. The Kernel Panic was so big that all the juicy details were under the six(count them) penguins logos.

After a few tries I found you can disable the Core count with

in grub at the end of the linux kernel line.

This showed that the drive was being interpreted as bootable drive or was interfering with the location of the root file system. But no amount of tinkering with the cables and the BIOS settings would fix it.

I realised that although I loved this drive it was only 40GB and I could copy the entire contents directly on to another drive, via the drive toaster.

This 40GB drive had been my original boot SSD after a 64GB would not work with Linux over 9 years ago. You probably use a USB thumb drive bigger than that!
12 Jan 2020:
a dragon driving a hybrid ate our childcare and then sunk in the pool
and then we went to America and spent Christmas in the pool(a strange experience that the family will avoid repeating).

and then I got a new car. Could not get a true EV, but as a hybrid it fulfils my evolving to perfection requirement.

and then we got an exercise bike and I have been trying to do 15mins per day(so far succeeding). This is surprisingly important due to the lack of walking I have done in the last 360 days.

Christmas was all about dragons and then the childcare situation went from stable to precarious.
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