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03 Jun 2018:
stuff and youtube nonsense in the Savannah
Been doing some stuff...

First up was a promo video, that based on the "client's" requirements should be 'fun' and 'engaging'. I created lots of cool Blender 3D bits and it looked great!
But they did not like it and slowly we paired off ALL of the 3D work and that just left the scrolly text, oh and one bouncing cube.
Never the less I was very happy with the work I created using Blender and of course all the editing was done in Blender Filming in our bath tub, I am not kidding.

Then there was another homework project. No time to do anything 3D but Blender allowed me to edit the footage and add images and credits with ease.

Finally there was a lunch time project that got out hand and I really want to do a video tutorial with voice over. It generates text title animations reminiscent of the Superman zooming titles and logo.
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