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15 Jun 2022:
easy way to fix missing flog images

now I could manually upload the two missing images from the last post ... or ... I could just post this and let my scripts take care of it :D

touch ../images/3d-dragonhead-lots-of-issues.jpg
touch images/3d-dragonhead-v1-in-slicer.jpg

Much better !

15 Jun 2022:
just one more dragon head print

Back to our regular programming.

3D Printing a Dragon head dice holder.

I started with a very simple planar mesh and applied Solidify and Bevel modifiers

blender screenshot modelling dragon-head with solidify modifier

After applying these, I got down to some seriously fun sculpting.

blender screenshot adding tongue to dragon head

The symmetry settings kept everything looking nice and ... symmetrical.

The tongue was a simple cube extruded a few times with a SubSurf modifier.

The 3D Print toolbox was not happy with the geometry of the model.

screenshot blender dragon head 3d print toolbox issues

But Prusa Slicer tackled it without issue. The overhanging face count was particularly concerning.

screenshot in prusa slicer of dragon head

The print came out OK. The horns were a little wonky, but considering they had no supports I am amazed they printed at all.

The D20 did not fit in the mouth. D4 did. So I did some tweaks and ... D20 still didn't fit. Some of the other dice did ... measuring didn't seem to help.

screenshot blender measuring dragon head

By now I had some feedback that the head was very crocidilian and I agreed. Back to sculpting board...

screenshot blender dragon head less croc

Which sliced up nicely.

screenshot prusa slicer dragon head less croc

Then I got fed up trying to perfect it :D

photo dragon head 3d prints

You can see the progression, with thinner base plates and larger/wider mouths. Not to mention the de-crocidilianisation

photo 3d print close up of dragon head showing print layers

I either left the Prusa Slicer settings on the default or lowered them to draft. In this close up photo the layers are very obvious, but the black hides it really well in real life.

Next time I try another Dungeons and Dragons sculpt/print. Ten times the size of anything I have tried previously.

02 Jun 2022:
A glut of cinema reviews

Haven't done any cinema reviews for while...


Missed opportunity. The no blood thing really made it a confusing mess. Lots of why questions about character motives.

Not recommended.

Sonic the hedgehog 2

Jim Carrey carries this movie and that is a good thing. Silly fun, very entertaining.

If you liked the first one, recommend, else this unlikely to change your mind.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Cannot understand all the hate this got. It's not bad, it certainly feels a bit mixed up and forgettable.

As a HP fan, recommended.

The Lost City

I was looking forward to this. Sandra Bullock as a romance writer sucked (not literally) into one of her own stories. As a comedy I wanted more Romancing the Stone and Jewel in the Nile. It is entertaining and Daniel Radcliffe as the baddie works well.

Entertaining and fun. On the fence of recommending.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

A number of people have gone off Marvel films/series and I can understand why. Marvel have been listening, this was very good. Quite different from anything we have been shown before, while at the same time including familiar characters.

I would recommend watching Wanda Vision first, it really sets the scene, but technically everything is explained in the movie.

Top Gun Maverick

I don't know what I expected, but this is Top Gun part 2. Nothing bad to say about it other than I wanted to be introduced to a new sound track.

Very cinematic... You decide whether that is a positive or a negative.

Entertaining if you can swallow all the Hollywood glitz that makes story highly fictional.

Everything Everywhere all at once

OMG! This came out of nowhere. Really difficult to explain what this movie is and is not.


If I explain some of the plot points then it will put people off who otherwise would enjoy the ride. What a ride it is! So much goes on and it constantly subverts your expectations.

If you like films that catch you unawares and take you on a constantly twisting roller coaster, while at the same time providing characters that you feel invested in, this is for you.

And, of course, there are rocks with Googly eyes and hot-dog fingers :D

Recommended! (yes, again!)

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