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08 Mar 2009 22:35
For some reason the video was not working here but was working on the page http://www.pay4foss.org/seemuse/information.html
with any luck it works now ...
06 Mar 2009 23:05
The next bit of Silverlight is a bit different, not only do you need Microsoft windows and Silverlight 2 compatible browser but you need Windows live messenger.
And not only do you need Windows live messenger you also need to patch your local copy and the copy your opponent is using.
If that all seems far to complex just sit back and enjoy the video of SeeMuse in action.
Its basically a drawing game were the players are given a word that must be described using some very limited tools.
a pencil drawn from simple shapes
Just eight shapes with sixteen colours and the ability to rotate, scale and position them.
The code had a lot a clever network stuff to handle slow connections and random disconnects and thanks to a certain play tester the answers are encoded on the wire to stop cheats.
As it is Messenger any attempt to convey the answer is greeted by a response.
Attempted answers are not only checked against the supplied word but also variations, such as "Audio cassette" will also accept "tape" and "television" naturally accepts "tv" etc.
As per usual full source code is available for SeeMuse
06 Mar 2009 22:52
More Silverlight now. First off a recent foray into the world of 3D, using a open source toolkit called Kit 3D.
The examples that came with the toolkit quickly enabled me to create a rotating grid that later became an orbiting camera (same difference to the user).
On the grid I added blocks and from these blocks I created Life.
I had always wanted to try and code John Conway's Game of Life and this was the ideal opportunity.
Turned out quite well and I got to use the Jog-Wheel control from Positech2000
06 Mar 2009 22:40
Once upon-a-time there was a new and exciting technology, but it was so new no one was using it and the only way to experience it was to watch the developers demonstrate it at trade shows.
Then the word was given that a web site would use the new technology and create a new user experience, the word was good.
ManyMe visited the site but the proclaimers stated the doors were closed. Despondent I tried again and again to visit the holy lands only to be shunned.
Until a fate full day when the proclaimers did proclaim all come welcome and I did enter the hallowed gates to find ...
Four sacred chapels, each with the revered experience held within, but each guarded by three challenges!
The challenges were difficult and tedious so I did what any soul in search of enlightenment would do, I cheated.
Seems the client received word from up above as to which challenges and chapels were accessible. I sent down false words and thus the chapels opened and unto me all challenges fell open. But alas the holiest of holys, the new experience was hidden from me, so it was that I told each of the challenges how to be, and as master of the challenges found them no challenge.
Now armed with not only the challenges and chapels key I also had the markers of immaculate completion and once again I requested the experience.
Now and only now I realised that I was missing an important browser upgrade that the gated ones keep hidden.
Released from the burden of having old and wretched browser plug-ins I gazed upon the experience and although it was a sight to beholden I saw a weakness.
So unto I did downloadreceive the holy scriptures and with sprinkling of bash did I determine that the hidden passages were in fact touched with additional meta-data that did reveal itself unto me.
And I found myself saying unto the higher ones this is how I did hackdisturb your site and they said OK thanks we will fix that less thy exploit these weaknesses to win great and magnificent prizes.
Hear the word of the White hat 2009-03
06 Mar 2009 22:24
Watched Futuramas latest film "Into the wild green yonder", no review yet as I have not tried the DVD commentary, so far thumbs up again.
06 Mar 2009 22:20
Long time no blog flog, excuses are pointless.
For all your command line prowess checkout http://www.commandlinefu.com/
I am currently engaged with the Linux version of http://www.worldofgoo.com/ a puzzle game with some very interesting physics.
i had thought I was beyond puzzle games but the Linux demo caught my fancy with its gish like gooey ways.
Gish was another Linux game that captured my heart back in 2004.
World of Goo seems to be just filled with good stuff, rather than giving hundreds of levels instead offers not only varied gooey physics fun but a bizzare story line with comments (thanks sign painter) that make you laugh out loud.
Both games cost but are reasonably priced and well worth the investment.

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