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22 May 2007 20:36
I emerged MySQL and managed to get the inbuilt (out of date) mono MySQL connector to work.
The secret is to use SET PASSWORD FOR 'mysql'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('mysql');
Where you already had a 'mysql' user created, otherwise you get an error Unhandled Exception: ByteFX.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

Or downgrade to an older (pre 4.1) version of MySQL.
I then tried to get the latest MySQL .NET connector from MySQL only to find the latest one is distributed as an .MSI Microsoft installer file :p
I managed to get the previous version (5.0) in source form that includes the .NET dll, but installing it did not seem to work.
I had to create a bin folder in my current App folder and copy the .DLL in there then reference it directly, the GAC version was never found.
Now to try both those in ASP.NET and then to try and get .NET membership working in both PostgreSql and MySQL.
22 May 2007 20:29
I had been playing Psychonauts and Destroy All Humans 2, but I have finished them both now.
It is easy to see why Psychonauts got 9/10 from most reviewers and it is a real pity that it came so late in the Xboxs life, most xbox owners will have missed it :(
It took all the best bits from Mario 64/Sunshine and Conkers Bad Fur day, seriously funny and fun !
I also enjoyed Destroy all humans 2, again well thought out, taking the best bits from the first installment and only making it better/more fun.
But I did fail to complete ONE odd job mission and that is because of a bug that meant I could NEVER complete it :( still the rest was very enjoyable.
22 May 2007 11:01
While traveling by train to various interviews I read (speed read) ASP.NET 2.0 Cookbook from OReilly and Build your own ASP.NET 2.0 Web site from Sitepoint.
Both took very different approaches, the Cookbook had handy short recipes that could be expanded on easily and get you out of trouble. The Build you own site was more of a story and was very easy to just read like a book from beginning to end.
The authors concentrated on a single web site with lots of features building up as they went along. This added a lot of logical sense to the proceedings.
Both books handled C# and VB.NET and it was a relief to see that the two languages are so simular especially in the ASP.NET environment.
Both strongly recommended.
16 May 2007 15:57
Well installing postgreSQL was pretty easy following this guide http://gentoo-wiki.com/PostgreSQL and as it is a wiki I even added some handy amendments.
The next step is the one I feared the most linking the database to .NET but mono ships with NpgSQL and the C# test they provide on http://gentoo-wiki.com/PostgreSQL is great to test and check its working.
I created an aspx C# test page mirroring the .EXE example but could not create an account to add it to the page. After a quick chat on their IRC channel I posted the code to the documentation mailing list.
Next is to also get MySQL working with mono .NET
13 May 2007 14:09
When using Mono/xsp2 remember that the .aspx file must change for the new version to be loaded, changing the code behind file is not enough. Took me a few tries to wok that one out.
Also the mono compiler messages are annoyingly vague and being used to having any errors pointed out before trying to load a page hides you from the hand coded runtime compiler errors.
Never mind, it worked in the end, just using XML as a data source still need to investigate the best way to install postgreSQL and MySQL.
13 May 2007 14:02
I got a chance to follow up the apple blending from last months LUG meeting with a requested look at animation in Blender.
We got through basic key framing, mesh deformation and rigging. It would of helped if after explaining the fundamentals about interpolation (computer generates frames between key frames) that I had remembered to add a key frame each time I changed something.
Never mind, it was overall a success, I just hope it did not bore anyone who was not interested in 3D animation.
08 May 2007 20:17
quick broadcast.
Getting ASP.NET running with C# on Linux is as easy as downloading the installer. Then running the installer and choosing the default directory (I tried a custom folder and it went a bit 'funny'), allow the setup to alter your profile to include the path and prepare.
Cos the PATH has been altered you have to start a new shell or source ~/.bashrc
Then gmcs your favorite .NET 2.0 .cs file just to test the 2.0 compiler then mono the .exe produced. That confirms you can build and execute 2.0 .NET programs.
Now one thing I was not happy about was the thought of installing apache and then ASP.NET 2.0 not working, so it is great to see the mono project thought to include the xsp/2 all in ASP.NET 2.0 web server (not for production environments but ideal for testing.
cd [install-path]/lib/xsp/test

and the server is running on port 8080 and has a number of example web pages showing the code working.
Now my next task is to get it all to work with MySQL or postgreSQL.
08 May 2007 09:57
Currently maintaining radio silence.
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