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30 Oct 2008 19:28
15 Oct 2008 21:26
I might get around to reviewing cryptonomicon now I have finished reading two further books, including Snow Crash.
But not tonight I still need sleep. ZZZzzz.... .
14 Oct 2008 20:30
I took time out of my busy schedule to update my Silverlight projects to the current version released yesterday.
Strangely a number of places are claiming the that this release supports Linux, well it does not and the moonlight project is quite a way off supporting my applications. I wish them luck!
02 Oct 2008 21:26
I did finish cryptonomicon a couple of weeks ago but I am still running my script.
had to look up:19 antipodal google,wiktionary
Birkenstocks google,wiktionary
caroms google,wiktionary
Criminy google,wiktionary
deign google,wiktionary
dilettante google,wiktionary
explication google,wiktionary
HEPARIN google,wiktionary
lariats google,wiktionary
levelly google,wiktionary
luffs google,wiktionary
nacre google,wiktionary
phalanxes google,wiktionary
reticulated google,wiktionary
rosa google,wiktionary
Sinkov google,wiktionary
strop google,wiktionary
Teva google,wiktionary
viscera google,wiktionary
02 Oct 2008 21:16
windows pipes
linux pipes
real pipes
02 Oct 2008 06:52
ZZZZzzzzz.... .     .
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