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30 Oct 2016:
OpenStreetMap breathes life into old Garmin
I was given an old Garmin satnav Nüvi 1310 ages ago. The maps are 2011 and the battery life is almost non-existent. It does come with car 12v power cable and a windscreen mount.

Due to unforeseen circumstances my phone was unable perform it's usual Sat-Nav duties with Waze the most amazing free sat nav system available. So I dug out the Garmin from the bottom of my car boot. It did manage to get me to and from my destination, but did not take the optimum route. Problem being the out of date maps, 2011.

I know Sat-Navs are close to being disposably cheap but I really wanted to know if I could update this one. mapas.alternativaslibres.es takes the daily output of the OpenStreetMap project and packages the maps into Garmin ready files. They have maps for countries from all around the world and updated daily.

The process for my Nüvi 1310 was

Find a spare micro SD card (docs say it should be FAT32 and under 4GB but my VFAT 8GB worked fine)
Download the compressed IMG file for the country you want.
Make a folder called Garmin in the root of the drive and extract the IMG file.
Plug it in and navigate to Tools/Settings/Map then hit the separate Info button.
Make sure the OpenSteetMap file is enabled.

I also needed to disable the existing Garmin maps on the same page.

Instant new life to an otherwise obsolete device!
07 Oct 2016:
clawing your way back from yahoo mail x800+
I never signed up for a Yahoo! account, but a free web-mail provider I did sign up for was gobbled up by them in the early 2000's.

They required I agree to their terms and conditions but I never click the "agree" button ...

Then I forgot about the account and then today I thought it would be a good idea to archive all that history. I expected about a 100 emails but when all was counted the total was 845. Seems I had used it a bit more back then than I had thought.

Yahoo! do not have an export option so I opted for adding a mailbox and account to Claws mail.

Out going:smtp.mail.yahoo.com
UserId:your email address (not your user id, go figure)
Set SSL for both POP3 and SMTP
Let it chose the ports

But I kept getting


The answer was to

Make sure "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" is enabled. That is found under your account settings and security.

And finally use the Yahoo! web-mail interface to move all your emails from all your other folders including "Sent" to Inbox.
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