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12 Sep 2020:
swapping blender for less of a crash
Quick note to self blog post.

Creating complex Blender scene with Arrays of Arrays. Trying to apply the modifier crashed Blender I could see the memory shoot up, but no error message in console.

Did not want to create special Swap partition and remembered that Linux support Swap files...

Would it work with Blender

(as root)
fallocate -l 16G /mnt/16GB.swap
mkswap /mnt/16GB.swap
swapon /mnt/16GB.swap
swapon -s

Filename                Type        Size    Used    Priority
/dev/sda3                                 partition    524284    456136    -2
/mnt/16GB.swap                             file        16777212    0    -3

You can change the location and the size to your needs.

Now Blender does not crash. It does slow the whole machine down to almost a standstill.

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