Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2019

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables, if it aint broke ...)

Jan black not black enough for true pi
dirt runs away with pi render with no power
getting down and dirty with the pi in blender
python autosmooth port fix worked after all
my favourite autosmooth value eats shading for lunch
always look for the simple material answer before going all node
not normal backfacing node test works
true render of pi shows the ugly side of hdri
quick frame update
yearly summary on day one
mentioned by famous youtubes
Feb git to github via existing local
python ate my boring spam
harry potter stuck at the top for 6 hours
doing right thing back fires on sv-3 investigation
sv-3 mountain sqaushed to a mole hill
cannot see the pi for the vga signal
i appreciate blender and you appreciate the blender poster
pixel 3 peddling a rebble pebble
skydiving surfing but no jumping
Mar nmap fights virtualbox on windows and nic wins
one small pull request for quest smith one giat leap for robgithub
random blender textures through the magic of logic gates
quest for the missing game url
quest for the mobile git smith
a little bit of offline microbit python
MicroBit helloworld
dd a drive not a partition
flub flog update
Apr revive a vive in just four hours
icmp magic to enliven mote enlightenment
Tales of 1.3in lcd woe ftw
uv project from view broken down just for youtubers
completed undershelf lighting project
the simple things in life are not in the kernel sources
into the pi mote badger set never to return
May blender animation custom python metadata
i am tierd and i want to go to bed
forcing ffmpeg to my overlaying will
ubuntu takes control windows style
blender vse fight scene at start frame
Jun deep dive into oioiiooixiii
fighting ffmpeg for a grid layout that does not suck
ffmpeg video 3x3 grid with scaling
Jul more multimedia mplayer keys
quick anagram shark update
vr pi surfaces at teen tech
github project page magic branching
github user page how to magic repo
ramming extra so dimm into hp blocked
the blood is in the water again
spreading a little mustard on the ketchup pebble watch
blender perspective camera under the microscope
Aug whats that minesweeper mega mode
child of xbox pwns windows companion
opps up shave your head
seriously why can i not watch spiderman
super hot x3 ++
password fields unbound by jquery 3
shark attack sonar sighted
inkscape mouse scrolls the shark with no snapping
Sep rocking a reboot crontab for speedy pi
squirmy wormy worm blended under the skin
right sed lowercase fred
where we are going we do not need debuggers sharks wait
lost ffmpeg found in another universe
a name by any other name might just work
setting fire to the foxing the minecraft hack
Oct we queued at egx
replacement needed after firefox build barfs on cpu flags
work attacks shark for bob and drag
microsoft is phishing a bit late in the season
build to the light
autocomplete mind blown tab
bash powerful powercut
Nov alsa pcm test show nothing usful
flogging a dead horse in exchange for sftp supremecy
making a play for aplay in a vb universe
fell the foe by giving kernel more than I wanted
my claws of stupidity clause
kurput phenonom II
emergency BURP
nivdia loses fight to blender cuda gpu
mouse shines through xfces keyboard settings
xfce sits on xorg and nvidia plays the fiddle
uefi is a secure pain in the fdisk
night night monitor
gentoo install slog
apple makes you laugh all the way to their bank
10 inch drop fraid apple device
three usb drives and a ssd
Dec python filled dates fight for zero
gnuplot distributed stats tidy up wave one
distributed.net history graphed for prospeariateiy
the pavilion of pavillion
plotting how to best plot a gnuplot plot
linux beats windows in cpu vs gpu showdown graph
distributed net wallops gpu after impressive run
meld smears xinputrc all over
virtualbox reveals timing secret and sound works again
linux lite the fight for sound continues
linux distros fight for the right to be imortalised
hard work down the alsa mines
2016 called they want it a bit quietier
pulse alsa finally beats me to a bloddy pulp
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