Welcome to a brief rundown of the stuff that I entered into my flog in the year 2020

(And this is a rip of last years page, which was a rip of the years before, etc etc) which means no CSS and loads of tables, if it aint broke ... automate it!)

Jan chmod home surfaces local shark tiles
apple the more you pay the less you get or no ports for pro
driving nine year old in a kernel panic
a dragon driving a hybrid ate our childcare and then sunk in the pool
Feb using linux to throw a snowball
another cream egg on my face
detecting the hue from sports with a like imagemagick
ubuntu loses game of hide and seek with the simpsons
more victor troubles in the blender cli
victor on the blender bench
2019 we knew you fleetingly
Mar behind the youtube video tutorials and normalising volume
cursive writing in blender tutorial
testing video creation with a gimp logo tutorial
looping a simple backup with fdisk maths offset of pi
decoding python3s unicode obsession with dropbox files
reliving the joy of building a python pi camera in a toilet roll
smoothing another raspberry pi vr demo over an unsuspecting school
taking a big bite out of a four year old raspberry pi
Apr keeping a pi from blanking its X
git pages script bit lack of master commits
Take the Shark by the enum and delaying a CSS animtion trip
robonearth woos folding at home
framework to work with shark frames
folding covid19 at home after a few false starts
May dunking vr after alyx and mini-me creates own world
BonkIt vr game written in unreal engine released to the world
Seeing straight through Unreal Engines opaque smooth face from Blender
Lose my grip on Unreal Engines blueprint for hands
Unreal Escape from the Epic Engine IDE blueprint
unreal engine for the vr pizza fail
the worst working nodejs slide show project ever
setup for three days of alyx headcrabs
is there nothing better than half life alyx
genius genie javascript grabs geany themes
Jun get blender a script of expressions
wire whips 666 pi into shape
installing is easy for bad pi solderer
jog on to pi4 pihub pimote and sv-3
Juggling a Joggler into 2020
alyx conducting vr bone in inner ear exporation
normal service blah blah
g sweet api example archives a perfectly good report
emergency pi knobbles regular pc
Jul pi powered toilet roll lights up the night
a very pink noir in a greyworld fix
old pi retiring after unpowering toilet roll
Powercut pi pi pi madness hub
once more into the vga breach dear pi
you tried to scam the bank of englands manager
what the resolution is that
another test stand by
testing flog please stand by
testing please stand by
oops up side your character encoding entity
Aug the toilet roll cam is dead long live the pi zero cam
Sep swapping blender for less of a crash
Oct flog life kitchen and functional skills
if you need a unittest output colorised you have to do it yourself
unit test your unit tests with unittest
Nov security so good no one can get in ever
totally legit antivirus messages in windows but from the browser
functional skills are cracked
Dec hair ball primed and ready for tube launch
plotting a blender render graph single columned for the win
blender render hair time madness messes with my vibes
systemd piper problems pulsed my mouse hero hyperspeed
you are no skull of mine
amazon vs currys fight
amzon prime small print rents me out
ori one defeated by ori two
devastating devastator news
RIP Minkey
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