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Entertainment stuff

3D football Free high-res 3D football 5000x5000, blender inkscape, gimp
Anagram Shark Attack Silverlight game, avoid the sharks!
chat☆ JavaScript based webpage chat system.
UFO map adventure V2 Control a UFO searching for the missing PDA !
topBlock screensaver Windows version of my Xscreensaver hack
Linux(v1.0) Pub Quiz Includes score board system
So-Duko solver Flashy JavaScript with printable boards
Random Internet explore as never before
Disk Ripping eXtreme geek sport
Memory Match Java Memory game
The (1 and only) Computer O Quiz where all answers begin with O
Virtual Rob everyone needs a virtual Rob

Misc stuff

UFO map adventure V1 Control a UFO over London via Virtual Earth version 1
Kanji date scroll Animated Kanji date and time scroll in your browser
Talking Clock Speak the time using Bash and your voice, includes random playback and modulation
Quick start guide for MinGW and openGL I used it to port topblock to windows
Build Mahjongg tile sets bash script using imagemagik
Coding for Xscreensaver openGL screensaver hacks
Rotation in Java a bit of Java to work out the Maths for an openGL screensaver hack
SaltShaker a python script for shaking things in blender, plus tutorial in basic pythoning for blender
My linux or how I failed to do very simple things :(
CyMotion Linux keyboard USB extras keys
f-Log a dead horse web log (not a blog)
Climbot Lego Mindstorms® climbing robot
Lightscan Lego Mindstorms® photo-sensitve robot
binary clock Displays the time in binary, hmm
FX7 everyone knows fx7 ...
IMG2Java based image conversion ...

Dreamcast Related stuff

SI Space invaders game for the VMU.
IDOUDO game for the VMU.
Jet Set Radio Image to tag converter Utility.
Quake III Arena hints and tips.
Planet Ring Myths and Legands tips.
Arrow Demo VMU demo, out of date.
JVMU Display VMU animations via JAVA (only supported on latest DC web browsers).


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